CD Soldering Station

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Soldering & Rework Techniques for Electronics

Saint Louis, Missouri, USA


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CD Soldering Station

CD Soldering Station


CD Soldering Station


Rework & Repair Equipment

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JBC Tools USA, Inc


CD Soldering Station Description:

An advanced compact station incorporating JBC technology in one self contained unit.

The intelligent sleep and hibernation functions, which help extend tip life and save energy, works so well because JBC's extremely fast temperature recovery, unrivalled in the market.

Available in two handpiece options depending an end user requirements.

CD Soldering Station Features:

  • Cable collector: Maintains working area free of cable.
  • Adjustable stand: Fast and simple adjustment of the angle of the stand.
  • Cartridge extractor: An unique extractor system for rapid cartridge changing.
  • User friendly software: Easy navigation of menus & configuration of the station.
  • Brass wool housing: Contains metal wool and minimises splashing of solder particles.
  • Tip wiper: Tapping and wiping: Soft, temperature resistant receptacle allows tapping and wiping of the tip to remove excess solder.
  • Sponge: For final cleaning if requires.

Optional Cleaning System:

  • Metal brushes: for more aggressive cleaning.
  • Retinner: for chemical cleaning system.

COMPACT Line Soldering and Desoldering Stations

This product range features 4 stations, each designed work to with one dedicated tool. The corresponding stands are incorporated in the same housing as the control unit for easy handling. The intelligent sleep and hibernation functions, which help to extend tip life and to save energy, are combined with extremely fast temperature recovery unrivalled in the market.

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