Salescon Ltd.

Salescon Ltd is operating for 20 years. Supplying various materials,tools machines for the electronic industry. Supplier for manufacturer companies in Hungary and CEE,providing services for SMEs and start-up businesses.

Consultant / Service Provider, Distributor, Equipment Dealer / Broker / Auctions, Manufacturer

Our main products are the consumables, machines and spare parts for the electronics industry.

On the selection of our suppliers we always consider on the good quality products (what we tested time by time). We usually have direct sources from the manufacturers or choose those suppliers who have wide products ranges.

For most of the products we have more suppliers because of the wider product range and safe supply chain.

Our company is pioneer in the introduction of the lead free soldering technology in Hungary through the products of the represented SENJU company.

We have exclusive agreement with most of our partners like FAULKNER, RS Components, SENJU, XURON etc., which gives us stabile market position. We have new supplier because of the market demand and keep our competitiveness. You can find more details on the OUR PARTNERS site.

During our work we recognize that some of our customer can not make investment in time because of the long approval time from the mother company or some other reason. Due to these reasons beside the sales of the machines we started to offer the rental of them also.

You can buy the materials and parts which are on stock at our office and warehouse, in case you need we can send them by post or courier or even we can deliver directly to you. (not just in Hungary) Which parts are not in stock we can deliver within short time.

SMT feeders

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