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HITACHI GXH-3 Modular Mounter

HITACHI GXH-3 Modular Mounter

HITACHI GXH-3 Modular Mounter


HITACHI GXH-3 Modular Mounter


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Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.

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Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.

Exceed your need with leading-edge high speed surface mount systems. Ergonomic designs maximize flexibility while reducing overall cost of ownership.

Dallas, Texas, USA

Assembly, Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, OEM, Pick and Place, Screen Printing

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HITACHI GXH-3 Modular Mounter Description:

Ridiculously high-speed placement with flexibility to handle larger components.

A placement system with the ludicrous placement rate of 95000 cph, and flexibility to place components ranging from 0201(0603mm) chip to 100x26mm connector.

  • Two independent work cells (stages) allow simultaneous assembly of two boards.
  • All X and Y axes are operated by linear motors.
  • Each Y axis has two motors for enhanced stability and repeatibility.
  • Four placement heads have up to 12 nozzles each.
  • On-the-fly recognition of all components.
  • A line sensor on each head checks for component presence, orientation, and correct thickness.
  • Unique board conveyor system moves both rails for optimum board postioning during production.
  • No more "fixed rails"!!!

An option exists for the placement of 01005 (0402mm) chip components.



Board Dimensions

Component Package

Component Sizes

Mounting Accuracy

(optimum conditions)

Number of feeders


50 X 50 to 460 X 460mm (610 X 460 optional)
Thickness: 0.5 to 5.0mm

8mm (paper)
8 to 72mm
Tray, Stick

High speed head 0603 (0201) to 44 X 44mm 0402 (01005) (option)
Multi-function head 3216(1206) to 55 X 55mm 100 X 26mm (Connector)

50 μm (3σ)

High-speed head 95,000 cph
Multi-function head 24,000 cph

200 units
(8 mm dual tape feeder)


High-speed head 47,500 cph
Multi-function head 12,000 cph

100 units
(8 mm dual tape feeder)

Note: All component dimensions in parentheses are inch values.

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