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Electronic Source Company (ESC) is an IS9100 Certified Contract Manufacture that provides service for the electronic industries. ESC provides turnkey, quick turns, production runs, and box build service to our customers.

As one of Southern California's leading contract manufacturers of PCB Assemblies, we manufacture boards for some of the region's leading companies in the aerospace, military, medical, telecommunication and wireless markets. From small industrial applications to state-of-the-art networking boards with thousands of components, we handle the full spectrum of complexity in electronic assembly. This includes leading edge BGA, microBGA and chip scale packages, Surface Mount Technology (SMT), and Pin Through Hole (PTH) components. Because many of the latest packaging technologies challenge even the most recent capital equipment capabilities, we are continuously re-investing in X-Ray, Microscopic Inspection, Automated Optical Inspection and BGA Rework equipment.

As a Full Turnkey Solutions provider, we don't just assemble your boards. We have the expertise and resources to handle your entire production process. From sourcing the components and assembling the boards to inspecting the final product and testing for functionality. We allow you to focus on what's important � designing your products, marketing your technology, building your customer base, and focusing on the bottom line. The result is a reduction in time to market and capital expenses, as well as an increase in quality, flexibility and productivity.

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