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Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories designs and manufactures equipment for the protection, automation, metering and control of electric power systems

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SEL introduced the world's first digital relay in 1984, revolutionizing the power protection industry by offering fault locating and other features for a fraction of the cost of earlier systems. In the years since, we have grown and developed a complete line of products for the protection, monitoring, control, automation, and metering of electric power systems. With our newly created metering division, we bring SEL quality and innovation into yet another line of products. Our first meter, the SEL-734 Revenue Metering System, leads the industry by providing a complete phasor measurement unit to give system operators a real-time view of the power system state. SEL relays, communications processors, meters, fiber optics, and software products are the roots of complete integrated solutions.

We sell products in more than 100 countries worldwide. More than 45 SEL Technical Service Centers around the world provide the best customer service and sales support in the industry.

Our Systems and Services Division delivers innovative solutions worldwide, including integration architectures, relay coordination and settings, model power system studies and simulations, and complete substation control, protection, and automation solutions. Drop-in control houses provide a cost- and space-efficient integrated system solution.

For nearly two decades, SEL has led the advance in the technology of protection, monitoring, control, and automation. SEL University offers excellent courses in fundamentals and applications for engineers and technicians. Your investment in these learning opportunities is quickly returned with superior designs in less time and with awareness of how to get the most from the many innovative capabilities of our products.

We take our commitment to quality very seriously, as demanded by your very critical applications. Our worldwide, ten-year warranty not only reflects our commitment, but also demonstrates the quality and value we deliver. SEL is certified to the International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001:2000 Quality System Standard. This certification is evidence that our critical design, manufacturing, and business processes meet the exacting requirements of the internationally recognized ISO program. Our products meet or exceed both national and international testing standards.

Our R&D laboratories and staff have greatly expanded in capabilities, equipment, and size. Our power laboratory, EMC laboratory, and advanced prototyping systems are three of the innovative technologies that help us respond quickly to new ideas and opportunities to serve you.

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SEL-3301 Protocol Gateway

Convert Protocols With Highly Reliable, Robust SEL Protocol Gateways. Apply the SEL-3301 Protocol Gateway to convert SCADA protocols. Government and industry personnel are increasingly aware that SCADA data links are part of th...


SEL-3301 Protocol Gateway

SEL-3021 Serial Encrypting Transceiver

Protect SCADA Links, Maintenance Ports, I&C Systems, and Other Serial Links From Unauthorized Access and Control. Install SEL-3021 Serial Encrypting Transceivers to prevent eavesdropping or unauthorized control via serial c...


SEL-3021 Serial Encrypting Transceiver
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