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SEL-3301 Protocol Gateway

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Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories designs and manufactures equipment for the protection, automation, metering and control of electric power systems

Pullman, Washington, USA

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SEL-3301 Protocol Gateway

SEL-3301 Protocol Gateway


SEL-3301 Protocol Gateway



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Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories


SEL-3301 Protocol Gateway Description:

Convert Protocols With Highly Reliable, Robust SEL Protocol Gateways.

Apply the SEL-3301 Protocol Gateway to convert SCADA protocols. Government and industry personnel are increasingly aware that SCADA data links are part of the mission-critical infrastructure. The SEL-3301 is designed and tested to the same IEEE and IEC standards that apply to protective relays and substation communications equipment, to withstand vibration, electrical surges, fast transients, and extreme temperatures. With no fans or other moving parts and the SEL worldwide, ten-year product warranty, the SEL-3301 is the most reliable, robust technology available for transferring critical data to your control centers.

The SEL-3301 includes the Windows XP Embedded operating system and protocol conversion software. This unit has a custom Windows shell. Users cannot add or remove software or hardware.

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