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ASM Assembly Systems is the supplier of SIPLACE, a leader in surface mount technology (SMT) equipment, software, and services to the electronics assembly market.

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With its SIPLACE machines and innovative manufacturing concepts, ASM Assembly Systems is the world’s leading manufacturer of surface mount technology (SMT) placement machines and solutions. Since its beginnings in 1985, the company has installed almost 35,000 placement machines at over 3,500 customers all over the world. Electronics manufacturers in all industries such as telecommunications, automotive, IT, consumer electronics and automation use and depend on SIPLACE’s broad portfolio of solutions and services.

Together with the team of DEK Printing Solutions, the SIPLACE Placement Solutions team forms the SMT Solutions segment of ASM Pacific Technology Ltd. Other group units include the Lead Frame and Back-End Equipment segments. This makes the ASM Group the world's only equipment manufacturer that is able to offer its customers a unique combination of solutions and skills for the entire electronics production chain from wafer to SMT production with hardware, software and services in all regions of the world. Based on this approach, we strive to become the world's No. 1 in the electronics industry.

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SIPLACE TX - High-End Pick & Place for High-Volume Production

Performance and precision in a tiny footprint. The SIPLACE TX placement modules are the new standard in high-volume production. No other placement solution features this level of precision (22 µm at ...

Pick & Place

SIPLACE TX - High-End Pick & Place for High-Volume Production

SIPLACE CA Series - Chip Assembly and SMT Placement on a single platform

Chip assembly? Classic SMT placement? Our SIPLACE CA can do both. The SIPLACE CA is the world's first placement platform that combines bare-die placement directly from the wafer and classic SMT placement in a single mac...

Pick & Place

SIPLACE CA Series - Chip Assembly and SMT Placement on a single platform

SIPLACE Di Series - Pick & Place For Small to Medium-size PCB Production

Price-performance leader with perfect combination of high-tech innovations and proven technologies. In terms of performance and precision, the SIPLACE Di shines with innovative technologies from our high-end solutions: the digital...

Pick & Place

SIPLACE Di Series - Pick & Place For Small to Medium-size PCB Production

SIPLACE SX Series - Pick & Place For High-Mix PCB Production

Capacity-on-Demand - for Maximum Manufacturing Flexibility. The SIPLACE SX puts scalability and flexibility at the top of the list. With the SIPLACE SX, users can introduce new products more quickly, change setups without having to...

Pick & Place

SIPLACE SX Series - Pick & Place For High-Mix PCB Production

SIPLACE X Series - Pick & Place For Demanding High-Volume PCB Production.

The ultimate SMT production line. Among electronics manufacturers, the SIPLACE X-Series is considered the benchmark wherever maximum speed and absolute precision are required (mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, LED placement, etc)....

Pick & Place

SIPLACE X Series - Pick & Place For Demanding High-Volume PCB Production.

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Unlocking The Mystery of Aperture Architecture for Fine Line Printing

Jun 13, 2018 | Clive Ashmore

The art of screen printing solder paste for the surface mount community has been discussed and presented for several decades. However, the impending introduction of passive Metric 0201 devices has reopened the need to re-evaluate the printing process and the influence of stencil architecture. The impact of introducing apertures with architectural dimensions’ sub 150um whilst accommodating the requirements of the standard suite of surface mount connectors, passives and integrated circuits will require a greater knowledge of the solder paste printing process.

The dilemma of including the next generation of surface mount devices into this new heterogeneous environment will create area ratio challenges that fall below todays 0.5 threshold. Within this paper the issues of printing challenging area ratio and their associated aspect ratio will be investigated. The findings will be considered against the next generation of surface mount devices....

Digital manufacturing for traceability: The way to higher product quality and better warranty management

Aug 26, 2010 | Siemens PLM Software

Driven by high-profile regulations compliance like the TREAD Act, warranty management has become a hot topic across industries worldwide. Recalls are costly and time-consuming events that should be avoided entirely. But without adequate process traceability and product genealogy, too many customers will get defective products and too many products will be recalled for repair or replacement even though they are not defective. Both scenarios have enormous implications for the quality-conscious manufacturer that gets rated on the number of recalls it performs - not to mention the enormous direct costs. The core issue is visibility into product quality....

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ASM presents new products in livestream

Jul 22, 2021 | Technology leader ASM will present its latest innovations for the electronics manufacturing industry in a livestream on September 1, 2021. "ASM Impact – Release Summer 2021" will focus mostly on process improvements across the whole spectrum ranging from printing, inspection and placement to fully integrated software solutions. Examples include enhancement for DEK TQ and DEK NeoHorizon solder paste printers as well as for the AMS ProcessLens SPI system, along with new, smart SIPLACE feeder solutions. The event will also feature new functions and enhancements for the ASM Works smart factory suite. Another highlight will be the extensive capabilities of the ASM Factory Equipment Center solution for company-wide and non-proprietary asset and maintenance management. For more details about the event and to register, visit

Software for non-proprietary communication and knowledge transfer on the shop floor

Apr 01, 2021 | A new kind of software finally puts an end to messages like "Instruction not received", "Documentation not available", or "Troubleshooting tip not received". ASM FactoryChat is the first professional messenger software for secure communication and the reliable transfer of knowledge in electronics production. ASM Factory keeps messages from employees and management, shift reports, machine documentations, work instructions, videos and more at the ready by locations, lines, machines, and software. Even messages and alarms from machines and software can be added to the shop floor communication with ASM FactoryChat and displayed in a browser. Also new is the licensing model: Customers can rent the software as needed and easily scale it up or down. And thanks to its open approach, ASM FactoryChat can be used with machines and systems from other suppliers in all areas, even outside of the SMT lines. For interested parties, ASM offers a free 60-day test license that is fully functional.

Waldemar Christen named VP CRM of ASM SMT Solutions

Feb 12, 2021 | As the new Vice President CRM, Waldemar Christen will head the global customer relationship management operations of the SMT Solutions Segment of ASM Pacific Technology, the world's largest equipment manufacturer for the electronics industry. Waldemar Christen has already led the company's global service operations since 2015 and will now add global sales and global marketing to his duties. Armed with a degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on precision mechanics, Christen began his career in the R&D department of Siemens, where he occupied several positions in sales and as Head of Product Management Europe until 2007. After working in several management positions at electronics manufacturer BMK, Germany, he joined ASM in 2015.

ASM Munich is “Factory of the Year”

Oct 30, 2016 | ASM Assembly Systems is the overall winner in the “Factory of the Year/Global Excellence in Operations” contest. Sponsored by Produktion magazine, one of the most prestigious German magazines, and consultancy A.T. Kearney, the award is considered the most coveted and respected in the manufacturing industry. In announcing the winners, the sponsors pointed out the exceptional flexibility of ASM's placement machine production. By consistently focusing on the value chain with concepts like lean manufacturing, lot size 1 and an innovative floor layout, ASM can accommodate order fluctuations of up to 60 percent — an important competitive factor for the supplier of production equipment for the volatile electronics industry. At the same time, ASM managed to implement many successful digital initiatives to make itself more productive: monitors display order-specific instructions, processing steps are being projected onto work surfaces, and smartly networked tools generate traceable quality data.

First ASM Roadshow in Minnesota

Aug 04, 2016 | For the first time the ASM Americas Roadshow stopped also in Minnesota at the facility of our partners E-tronix, located just outside Minneapolis in St Louis Park, MN. During the five day event, the ASM and E-tronix team hosted ten different customer groups, each for a half day of detailed private demonstrations on the latest DEK and SIPLACE equipment, as well as productivity enhancing software tools.

Successful ASM Roadshow in Manaus

Jul 02, 2016 | ASM Assembly Systems with their Partners Easy have just completed another roadshow in Manaus, Brazil. The event was hosted in the facility of EASY, an ASM partner in the city of Manaus. EASY and ASM provide sales, service, applications and spare parts support from this building for SIPLACE and DEK customers in the Manaus area.

ASM Press News: Four awards go to innovative products from ASM

May 16, 2016 | At this year’s NEPCON Shanghai trade show, the ASM team was honored with an impressive four prizes for its innovative products when the SIPLACE TX and the DEK NeoHorizon iX each won the EM Asia Innovation Award and the SMT China Vision Award. This was the eighth time in a row that the respective institutions’ independent panels honored innovations from technology leader ASM for their speed, efficiency and accuracy. Jeff Jian, ASM Senior Manger Taiwanese Accounts, and James Jiang, Senior Manager Service Greater China, proudly accepted the four awards. “These awards prove once again that our best-in-class SIPLACE and DEK equipment sets global standards and makes the smart SMT factory tangible,” said Jeff Jian.

ASM at 2016 NEPCON Shanghai - Four Awards Go To Innovative Products from ASM

May 13, 2016 | At this year's NEPCON Shanghai trade show, the ASM team was honored with an impressive four prizes for its innovative products when the SIPLACE TX and the DEK NeoHorizon iX each won the EM Asia Innovation Award and the SMT China Vision Award. This was the eighth time in a row that the respective institutions' independent panels honored innovations from technology leader ASM for their speed, efficiency and accuracy.

APEX a great success for ASM Lots of interest in the Smart #1 SMT Factory

Apr 07, 2016 | ASM Assembly Systems can look back on a very successful APEX 2016 trade show. The two lines being shown, one a high-speed line with the latest DEK NeoHorizon and SIPLACE TX modules and the other a high-mix line with super-flexible SIPLACE SX, attracted lots of visitors. The industry professionals were especially impressed that ASM already has concrete products for its Smart #1 SMT Factory concept in its portfolio, making it the leading technology partner for the future of electronics manufacturing. One of these products was the SIPLACE BulkFeeder, an innovative feeder module for high-volume production that trade publication Circuit Assembly immediately honored with its highly respective NPI Award. The SIPLACE BulkFeeder holds up to 1.5 million loose components and feeds them with exceptional precision – without tapes or splicing and the associated risks. The concept of the ASM ProcessExpert is equally revolutionary. With its integrated 5D SPM (solder paste management) system, the world's first inline expert systems controls and optimizes printing processes fully automatically. Another innovation was shown at the booth of ASM distributor Technica: With the E by SIPLACE, ASM addresses customers and applications in the mid-speed, small-lot and prototype manufacturing segments.

World's largest supplier of SMT equipment for the first time in 2015

Dec 20, 2015 | Believing that the growth strategy of ASM Assembly Systems has been confirmed, CEO Günter Lauber is optimistic for 2016 despite some risks with regard to the economy. Thanks to strong demand for SIPLACE and DEK solutions, the company became the world’s largest maker of SMT equipment for the first time in 2015. The Smart #1 SMT Factory concept is expected to provide additional impulses for continued growth. At the Productronica show, the industry’s leading trade fair held in November, ASM introduced a series of new platforms, systems and solutions for advanced programming, process integration and material logistics. They enable the customers to move their production one step at a time towards SMT-specific Industry 4.0 concepts that enable them to manufacture with even more flexibility and efficiency. Lauber also believes that his company is perfectly positioned for future technologies in the wafer-based integration of components to form complex modules (such as fan-out WLCSP and system-in-package).

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