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SIPLACE SX Series - Pick & Place For High-Mix PCB Production

SIPLACE SX Series - Pick & Place For High-Mix PCB Production

SIPLACE SX Series - Pick & Place For High-Mix PCB Production


SIPLACE SX Series - Pick & Place For High-Mix PCB Production


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ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG

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ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG

ASM Assembly Systems is the supplier of SIPLACE, a leader in surface mount technology (SMT) equipment, software, and services to the electronics assembly market.

Munich, Germany

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Pick and Place, Software Manufacturer

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SIPLACE SX Series - Pick & Place For High-Mix PCB Production Description:

Capacity-on-Demand - for Maximum Manufacturing Flexibility.

The SIPLACE SX puts scalability and flexibility at the top of the list. With the SIPLACE SX, users can introduce new products more quickly, change setups without having to stop the line, and produce the widest range of lot sizes with consistent productivity and efficiency.

Whether in automobile industry, in automation technology, medical technology or telecommunication and IT infrastructure - with the SIPLACE SX you meet all requirements in terms of quality, process reliability and speed. And can breath easily even if a rush order has to be run yesterday.

What would you give to be able to scale your SMT lines according to demand?
Upward or downward.

The SIPLACE SX is the first placement solution that you can flexibly scale upward or downward in line with demand - thanks to its unique interchangeable gantries. A great way to add capacity when you need it – or reduce it when things slow down. We call it capacity-on-demand.

What makes the SIPLACE SX so fast and flexible?

  • Interchangeable SX gantries - The SX-Series' gantry modularity is a unique concept that lets you add or remove placement performance on the fly, or shift capacity between your production lines.
  • SIPLACE SX - If you only need more feeder slots without additional placement performance
  • SIPLACE SpeedStar - The world's fastest placement head. It handles even 03015 components with no speed loss
  • SIPLACE MultiStar - The world's only placement head that can switch between Collect & Place, Pick & Place and Mixed Mode on demand
  • SIPLACE setup concepts - Smart, with no or minimal line stops, and faster than the competition.
  • SIPLACE X-feeders - Intelligent, contactless power supply, highly precise, reliable, low maintenance requirements
  • SIPLACE software - Because the software plays an increasingly important role in electronics production
  • SIPLACE vision system - Our digital cameras miss nothing - your guarantee for maximum process reliability.

SIPLACE SX1 and SX2 - Capacity-on-demand instead of expensive line reconfigurations

The SIPLACE SX1 and SX2 are the world's first placement machines with full gantry modularity. They make expensive line reconfigurations a thing of the past. In less than 30 minutes, a single operator can install a second gantry (for twice the performance) or move a gantry to another line.

In short: The SIPLACE SX with its capacity-on-demand is the technically and financially perfect answer to the increasingly volatile demand fluctuations of customers and markets.

SIPLACE Service Center - Quick access to resources around the world.

Our regional SIPLACE Service Centers provide technical support, ship parts overnight from regional warehouses and coordinate technician visits all over the world.

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