MEC Midwest

Member of MEC Companies specializing in quality contract electronic assembly and design innovation


Located in Milwaukee, WI, MEC Midwest is a client-centric organization focused on its customers� unique product and service needs. The team approach that MEC Midwest follows integrates engineering expertise, lean manufacturing practices, supply chain management and ISO 9000:2000 driven quality assurance. The team takes the time to develop a thorough knowledge of its customers� business and unique needs in order to offer tailored solutions in Printed Circuit Board PCB Design, PCB Layout and PCB Assembly., microprocessor or micro-controller design, hardware and software design services.

Cross-functional teams and project management offer quick turnaround and high-quality product.

MEC Midwest project management team members are assigned to every customer project ensuring accurate completion dates on PCB prototype, R & D or testing needs as well as providing assistance and coordination of purchasing, PCB Design, PCB Layout and PCB Assembly. The team is experienced in Build to Order, Just In Time (JIT), and Demand Pull and understands the need to produce exceptional product in a timely manner. With over five decades of electronic assembly experience, customers can feel confident the requirements of every project are clearly defined, manufactured with lean manufacturing practices and delivered on time.

Customers rely on MEC�s engineering and manufacturing excellence for both low and high volume quantities, testing and for accurate sub-assembly work. Whether you need thru-hole or top-and bottom-side SMT, the staff is well versed in all aspects of PCB Design, PCB Layout and PCB Assembly.

Experienced engineering design staff assists in design concept, analysis and testing of every product.

MEC Midwest has engineers of multiple disciplines available to help in every phase of the PCB Design, PCB Layout and PCB Assembly process. Whether there is a need for PCB prototype design, testing, or assembly, our design engineers, project engineers, test engineers, mechanical engineers and circuit board designers are available to help.

Our engineering experience includes engine controls, industrial controls, aviation controls, single-board computers, communications interfaces, motor controls, generator controls, metal detectors and more. Our staff boasts many years of experience in micro-controller hardware and software design and testing, including Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Design for Test (DFT) in the development cycle, and custom Windows programming.

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