HIG Handel mit Industrieg�tern GmbH

We are a supplier of solder and soldering equipment and other products for the electronics industry.

Antistatic, Cleaning, Soldering, Distributor

HIG stands for "Handel mit Industrieg�tern" which means Trade with Industrial Goods. HIG has a history over decades in relation to "Electric Wire". HIG goes back to the year 1950 when the family FUCHS started a sales office in Vienna for the distribution of their product ELDRA Enamelled Copper Wires (Magnet Wires) made in Graz/Austria. In 1973 the sales office was converted into an independent corporation named HIG who was mainly engaged in the sales of enamelled copper wires to the Electrical Industry in Austria and gradually in Overseas markets.

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Cleaning Materials

We are a distributor of Microcare cleaning materials for all electronic equipment and purposes....

Cleaning Materials
MSD Dry Cabinets

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