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Assembly Resource is an independent manufacturers representative company covering the Silicon Valley and greater northern California to northern Nevada territory.  We specialize in the sales and support of capital equipment and materials used in electronic products manufacturing.

For PCB - SMT assembly processes, we represent a full complimentary line of equipment covering handling, assembly, inspection, rework and associated processes.  For MEMS, Photonics and "back-end" Semiconductor Assembly we represent a full line of Die & Wire Bonders and other precision assembly equipment.

Current SMT/PCB Assembly Lines Include:

PCB Conveyors & Hand Assembly Lines  --  Promation USA
Stencil Printers  --  Mycronic JetPrint & Speedprint
Stencil Cleaning  --  Kolb Cleaning & GEN3 Systems
Cleaning Chemistries  --  Kolb Cleaning Technology
3D SPI - 3D AOI  --  ViTechnology
SMT Pick & Place and Jet Print-Dispenser  --  Mycronic (Mydata)
Solder Paste Height Inspection  --  Gen 3 Systems
Robotic Soldering Systems  --  Promation USA
Vapor Phase Solder Reflow  --  Asscon Vapor Phase Technology
Rework and Manual Assembly for BGA/SMT/FlipChip  --  Finetech USA
HD Camera Inspection/BGA - CSP Inspection  --  Inspectis
Selective Solder, Manual Depanel & Lead Forming  --  EBSO GmbH
Cleaning for PCB, Mis-print & Fixtures  --  Kolb Cleaning Technology
Label Placement and Laser Marking  --  Promation USA
Humidity Control Dry Boxes  --  MP Elektronik - Atek Systems
PCB Test and Solderability -- GEN3 Systems

Current IC/Semiconductor/Photonics/Micro-Electronics lines include:

ProMation - Leadframe & Boat Carrier Handling Automation 
Mycronic JetPrint & Speedprint - Stencil/Screen Printers
Kolb Cleaning & GEN3 Systems - Stencil/Screen Cleaners 
Kolb Cleaning Chemistries 
ViTechnology - 3D Inspection: 3D SPI & 3D AOI
Wagenbrett - Wafer & Substrate Ball/Sphere Placement to <100 micron dia.
Finetech - Die Bonders: Sub Micron Capable Prototype to Fully Automated
MPPTools (K&S) - Wire Bonders & Tools
K&S - Kulicke & Soffa Wire Bond Capillaries  
K&S (Kulicke & Soffa) Dicing Blades  
Hanmi Semiconductor - Singulation, Marking, Inspection, Molds    
Neu Dynamics - Molds, Presses, Trim&form 
Asscon Vapor Phase Soldering
Ultra-fine Cleaning Systems -- Kolb Cleaning Technology

Inspectis - HD Camera Inspection for CSP-FlipChip
NDC International - Semiconductor Assembly Systems 
MP Elektronik-Atek Systems - Intelligent Humidity Control Storage

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