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ASSET InterTech is the leading supplier of open tools from code to silicon for engineers doing design validation, test and debug.

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With more than 10,000 users worldwide, ASSET’s two platforms – the ScanWorks® platform for hardware validation and test, and the SourcePoint™ platform for software debug and trace – provide real insight from code to silicon to engineers in design and manufacturing who are working on the most advanced Intel® and ARM® designs.

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SourcePoint® Platform for Software Debug and Trace

One platform for debug and trace (SourcePoint™) SourcePoint™ (formerly an Arium product) is a platform of debug and trace tools for C/C++ embedded software and firmware for either Intel® or ARM® systems. This robust...

Test Equipment

SourcePoint® Platform for Software Debug and Trace

ScanWorks® Platform for Embedded Instruments

One platform embedded instruments for validation, test and debug (ScanWorks®) ScanWorks® tools validate, characterize and test chips and circuit boards in development, manufacturing and field service. Structural integrity...

Test Equipment

ScanWorks® Platform for Embedded Instruments

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ASSET InterTech’s SourcePoint software debugger now offers insight into complex code execution on AppliedMicro’s ARM 64-bit HeliX 2 SoCs

Jan 22, 2016 | The greater visibility of ASSET® InterTech’s SourcePoint™ software debugger now enables engineers to quickly find the root causes of bugs in complex multithreaded code running on AppliedMicro®’s 64-bit ARM®-based HeliX® 2 family of system-on-a-chip (SoC) devices for the embedded market.

Flexible licensing gives global access to ASSET's MicroMaster JTAG functional test system

Sep 12, 2008 | Richardson, TX (September 9, 2008) – With its new licensing arrangement, the capabilities of ASSET� InterTech's MicroMaster e-JTAG CPU emulation functional test and debug system can be flexibly deployed by global enterprises so that engineers have access to the system's capabilities anywhere and at any time. Moreover, MicroMaster can now be flexibly configured with the capabilities required at critical phases in a product's life cycle, beginning with development, moving into manufacturing and culminating in field service and repair.

ASSET assumes a leadership position as one of the founding members of iNEMI's boundary scan (JTAG) adoption initiative

Aug 26, 2008 | Richardson, TX (August 26, 2008) –ASSET� InterTech (, the leading supplier of open tools for embedded instrumentation, recently became a founding member of the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative's (iNEMI) boundary scan adoption project. iNEMI, which is an electronics industry consortium of over 70 manufacturers, suppliers and related organizations, has undertaken an effort to encourage greater adoption of the IEEE 1149.1 boundary scan standard (commonly known as JTAG, after the Joint Test Action Group which defined the original specification).

ASSET's ScanWorks� Supports On-Chip Evaluation of Avago Technologies' ASICs

Aug 22, 2008 | Richardson, TX (August 19, 2008 � Intel Developers Forum, Booth No. 356)�ASSET� InterTech ( today announced that it has reached an agreement under which ScanWorks, the company's platform for open embedded instrumentation tools, will support Avago Technologies' embedded instrumentation technology for applications-specific integrated circuits

Maxim seeks ASSET ScanWorks' embedded instrumentation support for its system and power management chips.

Aug 14, 2008 | Richardson, TX (August 12, 2008) -ASSETR InterTech (, the leading supplier of open tools for embedded instrumentation, has announced that its ScanWorksR platform supports unique margining and forensics capabilities through several of Maxim Integrated Products' ( system monitor and system manager devices.

ASSET is first to support Intel’s new Nehalem micro-architecture and Tolapai SOC with CPU emulation test and diagnostics

Jun 19, 2008 | MicroMaster gives circuit board designers and manufacturing engineers functional test and diagnostic capabilities

ASSET works with Cadence to drive embedded instrumentation for deep analysis of

Jun 12, 2008 | ScanWorks� integration into Cadence Encounter Digital IC Design Flow to provide deeper view into complex, packaged chips

ASSETR Joins Mentor OpenDoor Program to ensure JTAG interoperability

May 18, 2008 | Richardson, TX (May 13, 2008) - ASSET InterTech (, the leading supplier of open tools for embedded instrumentation, has joined the Mentor Graphics OpenDoor Program in order to ensure toolset interoperability for embedded instrumentation applications. Through the program ASSET and Mentor will enable the exchange of data between Mentor's chip-level inserted design-for-test (DFT) structures, such as the JTAG infrastructure, and ASSET's ScanWorks platform, which automates, accesses and analyzes embedded instrumentation and DFT data.

ASSET aligns company, technology and products with embedded instrumentation

May 15, 2008 | RICHARDSON, Texas (May 14, 2008) - Responding to the increasing momentum in the electronics industry toward embedded instrumentation, ASSETR InterTech, Inc. ( announced it is positioning the company, its products and its technologies to provide open tools for embedded instrumentation in design validation, test and debug applications.

ASSET commits to developing open embedded instrument tools for the Internal JTAG (IJTAG) standard

Apr 29, 2008 | Richardson, TX (April 29, 2008) – ASSET� InterTech Inc. ( is developing and will bring to market open embedded instrumentation tools based on the preliminary IEEE standard, P1687 Internal JTAG (IJTAG). According to Glenn Woppman, president and CEO of ASSET, the standard is close enough to ratification to begin developing tools.

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