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Fine Pitch

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We are the ex-clusive representatives of Philips SMT equipment in india. We also have tie-ups with several other supliers for devising a complete line solution

New Delhi , India

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Fine Pitch<br><br>� Emerald-XII

Fine Pitch<br><br>� Emerald-XII


Fine Pitch

� Emerald-XII

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ProsemTechnology India Pvt Ltd.


Fine Pitch

� Emerald-XII Description:

Optimal Accuracy and High Placement Rate with ultra fine-pitch placers that delivers optimal accuracy for components ranging from 0201 chips to large connectors and odd form SMDs.

Main Features and benefits:

Total Component Range

The Emerald-XII is capable of handling components from 0201 to 54mm2 QFPs as wll as connectors, switches and other odd-shaped components up to 100 mm in length while still permitting overall placement rates of up to 6,800 components/hour.

Multiple Accuracy Compensation System

The new and innovative Multiple Accuracy Compensation System (MACS) grasps various factors that influence the mounting accuracy organically and executes comprehensive and multiple compensation. This ensures around the clock machine reliability.

Best in Class Graphical User Interface

The Graphical User Interface of the Emerald-XII is recognized as best in class. Based on Windows NT and using a state of the art touch screen, it provides the operator very powerful graphics which are easy to understand and require minimal training to become an experienced user. This new operating system is very complete and provides specific and very useful information which allows the user to operate the machine efficiently and with pleasure.

The Emerald-XiII is the model which can be combined in one line with other Assembl�on machines and uses the same feeders. The �i� version has the same specifications as the Emerald-XII

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Fine Pitch

� Emerald-XII
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Fine Pitch

� Emerald-XII
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