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DC desktop and overhead ionizing blower

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We are a manufacturer of antistatic and cleanroom products. We mainly manufacture ionizer, esd shoes, cleanroom chair, wrist strap monitor and so on.

Shenzhen, China


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DC desktop and overhead ionizing blower Description:

Ion-generating mode: Corona Discharge Mode
Ion output voltage: ��4500v(at the hightest)
Ion balance control mode: manual adjustment
Static decay time: ��1s
Ion balance: �ܡ�10v
Power supply: AC220V��15%/50Hz or AC 110V��15%/60Hz
Operating current: 0.015A(Fan fixed at the highest speed);
Maximal air output: 25CFM
Operating distance: 5~380mm
Noise: 18db
Test environments: temperature: 0��~50��; humidity: 20%~85%RH
The weight of ionizing blower: 208g+680g
Dimensions: static-eliminating fan:W70mm*H100mm*D25mm and static-generating controller:W90mm*H46mm*D112mm

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