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EL.CO. Srl: Solid State Relays, Power Supplies, Temperature Controllers

EL.CO. manufactures automation accessories like solid state relays and power units, but also temperature controllers and probes

Pievebelvicino - VI, Italy

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All the solid state relays are provided with a snubber filter, which protects item from any undesirable spikes caused by on excessive speed of the outputvoltage. However, in certain application, it has been foundyhat the device is still not protected, as a result ofthe elevated voltage spikes which may sometimes be present in industrial enviroments. In such cases, a varistor must be apllied to the device, in parallel with at the output, so as to protectthe device from the above said spikes. To protect the device from overcurrents, it is recommended that a fast-reacting fuse be istalled for each phase, rather than a normal fuse which would only intervenes once the device has already been damaged.

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