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Electromechanical Assembly

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dataCon designs, manufactures and tests high performance, high reliability, backplanes, circuit card assemblies, chasis assemblies for aerospace, defense and medical markets. dataCon is a total solutions manufacturing services company.

Burlington , Massachusetts, USA

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Electromechanical Assembly

Electromechanical Assembly


Electromechanical Assembly

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dataCon procures to print all sheet metal designs, extruded shapes and stamped or machined parts to be assembled. Upon receipt, parts are stocked or binned by customer part number until requested by work order or shop floor personnel. Screws, nuts, bolts and other low dollar cost items are floor stocked at work cells. Build to order (BTO) or configure to order (CTO) customer requests are work-order routed through selected assembly operations using manufacturing process instructions embedded in the work order. Torque requirements and bonding processes such as heat sink attachment are documented in the work instructions.

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