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Backplane Assembly

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dataCon designs, manufactures and tests high performance, high reliability, backplanes, circuit card assemblies, chasis assemblies for aerospace, defense and medical markets. dataCon is a total solutions manufacturing services company.

Burlington , Massachusetts, USA

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Backplane Assembly

Backplane Assembly


Backplane Assembly

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dataCon has designed and manufactured many of the current backplane technologies such as VME 64X, PCI, and VXI. We can provide substrate procurement (from one of our partner companies or the customer's approved supply base), press fit and solder assembly, unit test, and system integration.

dataCon performs Level 1 testing for opens and shorts on bare boards prior to assembly and Level 3, 100% electrical test on the fully assembled backplane. Level 3 tests are performed through the connectors for opens and shorts as well as precision voltage and resistance measurements.

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