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Hydro-Matic Control HMC-1

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Micro Air, Inc. is an industry leader supplying digital instrumentation to commercial and business sectors within the HVAC marketplace. We provide products and engineering to some of the most substantial manufacturers in the world.

Allentown, New Jersey, USA

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Hydro-Matic Control HMC-1

Hydro-Matic Control HMC-1


Hydro-Matic Control HMC-1

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Micro Air, Inc.


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Hydro-matic HMC-1 is a microprocessor-based digital thermostat designed to control chilled water systems. The HMC-1 is capable of controlling multi-stage compressor and heater outputs. This document supports the two models available: the 2-Station Hydro- matic (1 to 2 stage compressor/heater) and the 4-Station Hydro-matic (1 to 4 stage compressor/heater). Each control is available in either reverse cycle or chill cycle for 120 VAC or 240 VAC. The Hydro-matic is factory configured to customer specifications for operating voltage, cycle functions (reverse or chill) and the number of compressor stages.

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