Hentec Industries, Inc. (RPS Automation)

Hentec Industries, Inc. designs and manufacturers high quality precision machines for use in selective soldering, lead tinning, and solderability testing applications.

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Soldering, Test Services, Selective Soldering

Hentec Industries, Inc (formerly RPS Automation, LLC) designs and manufactures a complete line of high precision selective soldering, lead tinning and solderability test equipment for electronics and circuit board manufacturing and assembly. Hentec/RPS has over 20 years of automated soldering experience and more than 1100 installations worldwide. Customers range from aerospace, military, communications and medical device manufacturers to industrial OEM, auto and contract manufacturers big and small. All systems are built in the USA and feature precision robotics, easy to use software, extensive warranty coverage, and exceptional customer service. Hentec/RPS builds success one customer at a time.

Hentec/RPS stands apart in the industry for its high quality soldering, low maintenance and durability. These strengths are the result of an aggressive commitment to R&D, yielding such innovations as Gaussian nozzles, proprietary Nitrogen management systems, and highly durable solder pot and pump designs. Hentec/RPS systems set the standard for thermal performance, keep-away, wave height, solder stability, and software ease-of use.

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Rhythm SPX Selective Soldering System

Advanced selective soldering system for lead and lead-free interchangeable soldering of through-hole and odd form components. Solders the underside of boards without any special tooling or accessories. Offers industrial-grade features such as serv...

Selective Soldering

Rhythm SPX Selective Soldering System

Dip and Look Systems - Pulsar Solderability System

“Dip & Look Test”— The Pulsar provides precise handling of electronic components for the automated process of a flux and solder dip of the component terminations.  After the dip process, the operator ins...

Test Equipment

Dip and Look Systems - Pulsar Solderability System

Steam Aging Systems - Photon Steam Age System

Meets ANSI-J-STD002, ANSI-J-STD003, JEDEC JESD22-B102D, MIL-STD-202, IEC-68-2-54. Complete monitoring and control of steam or water temperature. Features include: Automatic timing of the test duration, digital indicator for elapsed time and cycle ...

Test Equipment

Steam Aging Systems - Photon Steam Age System

Rhythm Selective Soldering System

Entry level advanced selective soldering system for lead and lead-free interchangeable soldering of through-hole and odd form components. Solders the underside of boards without any special tooling or accessories. Offers industrial-grade features ...

Selective Soldering

Rhythm Selective Soldering System

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Hentec/RPS Announces New North America Sales Manager

Apr 16, 2018 | Newman Lake, Washington, April 16, 2018 — Hentec Industries, Inc. (formerly RPS Automation), a leading US manufacturer of selective solder, lead tinning and solderability testing equipment, is pleased to announce that Tom Baro has joined the Hentec/RPS sales team as North America Sales Manager. Based in the Chicago area, he will cover sales management activities for the US, Mexico, and Canada. Tom brings successful sales and sales management experience in the electronics industry to Hentec/RPS. He will be responsible for managing existing independent sales representatives to make sure their needs are met while developing new partners within North America. Tom’s appointment supports the Company’s strategic direction, strengthening customer relationships as well as expanding our global sales support coverage. Tom Baro can be reached at tbaro@rpsautomation.com or 509-385-1228

Hentec/RPS Joins SMT Capital for Representation in Ohio, Indiana, and W. Pennsylvania

May 17, 2017 | In an effort to improve visibility, RPS has partnered with SMT Capital (SMT), a manufacturer’s representative organization that provides best-in-class equipment, consumables, and services to the electronics manufacturing industry. Operating out of the north central United States, SMT will provide RPS with representation in Ohio, Indiana, and Western Pennsylvania.

Hentec/RPS Introduces Next Generation Solderability Test Systems

Jun 01, 2016 | Spokane Valley, Washington,— Hentec Industries, Inc. (formerly RPS Automation LLC), a manufacturer of precision soldering automation equipment for electronics assembly and manufacturing, today announced the release of the latest generation of solderability test systems; The Photon Steam Aging System and Pulsar Solderability Test System.

RPS Automation Meets the Global Demand for Lead Tinning Capabilities

May 18, 2015 | SPOKANE VALLEY, WA –May 18th, 2015– RPS Automation LLC has begun production of three Anthem Lead Tinning Systems in the wake of the 2015 IPC APEX EXPO. Global Engineering and Esterline Leach International are new customers to RPS Automation and chose their Anthem model over many other options as their first Lead Tinning System, while Plexus Peneng is continuing their patronage to RPS with this recent purchase. These consecutive orders show the growing demand for Lead Tinning capabilities and demonstrate RPS Automation’s ability to meet them.

RPS to Host Originals and New Comers at the 2015 IPC APEX Exhibition

Feb 03, 2015 | RPS Automation LLC has made plans to display four systems from their Selective Soldering line at the upcoming IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego, February 24-26. This display will introduce exhibition attendees to the classic systems that put RPS Automation on the map, as well as the new, economical machines that are expanding their product offering capabilities.

RPS Extends Their Lead Tinning Line With the Introduction of the Odyssey DX

Nov 21, 2014 | RPS Automation is introducing a new system to the existing line of Lead Tinning machines. The Odyssey DX features multiple dynamic solder pots and additional stations, offering more lead tinning capabilities and enabling higher volume processing for customers.

RPS to Display Selective Soldering Line at the 2014 SMTA International Exhibition

Aug 13, 2014 | RPS Automation Delivers Industry Leading Precision and Reliability with the FRX10 Selective Soldering System

RPS Delivers Innovation in High Volume Lead Tinning

May 23, 2014 | New High Precision Rotary Head Handles Multiple QFP Processing for Higher Efficiency

RPS Introduces New 3D Fiducial Vision Inspection

Apr 01, 2010 | RPS Develops Affordable and Easy-To-Use RPS Fiducial Correct™ | Fiducial Recognition and Automatic Position Correction for High Precision RPS Selective Soldering Systems

RPS Introduces New Military Compliant Lead Tinning System

Mar 23, 2010 | RPS Automation's Anthem System Meets MIL, NASA, ANSI, IEC, GEIA Standards for Component Re-Tinning

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