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Reflective light machines

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Lloyd Doyle designs, manufactures and markets sophisticated automatic optical test (AOT) systems used in the bare board sector of the printed circuit board manufacturing industry.

Surrey, England, United Kingdom

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Reflective light machines

Reflective light machines


Reflective light machines

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Lloyd Doyle


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The EXCALIBUR range of machines use reflective light based systems. A high power Xenon lamp is used in conjunction with high frequency ccd camera circuitry to gain a working image from the pcb. Sophisticated image processing including dual image processing and multi level greyscale processing yields a 100% representation of the circuit under test for detailed fault analysis.

Lloyd Doyle patented AOT fault detection algorithms are then employed to find all functional and cosmetic faults on the panels. A detailed fault report of the optical test is generated and can be used for on-line or off-line repair as applicable.

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