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GlobalDie die makers are cutting die specialist. PreSharp Dies, Forged Dies, Milled Dies, are among our typical cutting dies. We also excel in crafting Marker dies, Flatbed Machine dies, RF dies (radio frequency dies), CNC machining & CNC milled dies

Auburn, Maine, USA


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Clicker Dies

Clicker Dies


Clicker Dies

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Global Die


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Our edge-hardened, pre-sharpened knife steel, which we refer to it as �Presharp,� is a high technology, lead-hardened steel that has revolutionized the die-making process. One of Austria�s oldest and most respected steel mills developed a unique process whereby the cutting edge of the steel is brought to optimum hardness, yet the body of the steel remains malleable enough to be shaped to your specific pattern. As an added benefit, this type of steel actually flexes when subjected to the severe stress that would normally crack a more brittle forged die.

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