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Siemens industrial manufacturing software, process automation, and automation and drives technology increases flexibility, cuts market launch lead time, and significantly reduces energy for manufacturing companies.

Consultant / Service Provider, Manufacturer, Training Provider

Siemens offers a wide range of electrical engineering- and electronics-related products and services. Its products can be broadly divided into the following categories: buildings-related products; drives, automation and industrial plant-related products; energy-related products; lighting; medical products; and transportation and logistics-related products.

With global headquarters in Munich, Siemens AG and its subsidiaries employ 417,000 people in 192 countries.

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Failure Mechanisms Of Electromechanical Relays On PCBAs: Part I

Sep 15, 2021 | Gert Vogel

Many printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) have relays that are soldered to the PCB. If such an electromechanical component fails, it can cause the whole device to fail, just like any other electronic component. The spectrum of root causes that lead to an increased contact resistance or a complete contact failure is totally different from what usually occurs in the electronics domain. This article provides a detailed analysis of these failures and the corresponding root causes, many of them self-centering....

Pushing the barriers of wafer level device integration: High-speed assembly, the case for MicroTape.

Jan 21, 2009 | Gordon Christison

Over the last 10 years, the adoption of wafer-level packaging (WLP) has expanded to a wide range of semiconductor devices applied in a crosssection of industries from Automotive to Mobile Phone, Sensors to Medical Technology....

Simple, Effective Process Control in Wave Soldering

Jun 23, 1999 | Chrys Shea

This paper outlines the harmful effects of out-of-control process parameters and describes methods of measuring and tracking them to keep them in control. It addresses all critical variables of wave soldering: flux deposition, preheat application, conveyor speed, solder temperature and solder contact time....

Optimizing the Wave Soldering Process with Hot Nitrogen Knives

Apr 29, 1999 | Chrys Shea, Siemens, & Gary Shipe, Air Products

The paper describes the effects of a debridging knife on inerted soldering environments in an Electrovert Econopak wave solder machine. It reviews experiments to improve the purity of the soldering environment and results of the tests....

VOC-Free Wave Solder Flux Evaluation

Apr 26, 1999 | Chrys Shea, Siemens ICN

The goal of the flux evaluation was to identify one product that would meet the needs of all SICN's wave solder products and processes while producing high quality assemblies. At the outset of the evaluation, it was unclear whether a single flux chemistry could satisfy such a broad range of demands, particularly because SICN's utilization of less aggressive, low-impact chemicals....

The Characterization and Comparison of Spray Fluxers

Apr 26, 1999 | Chrys Shea & Tom Chinnici, Siemens Business Communication Systems, Inc., Originally published at Nepcon West '98

An evaluation of two fluxers, one with a reciprocating ultrasonic head and the other with microjets, was performed using nine independent criteria. The paper describes the methods of testing and the results....

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SIPLACE: Successful Productronica 2013 trade show

Nov 25, 2013 | The Productronica 2013 show was another great success for the SIPLACE team of ASM Assembly Systems. The technology leader registered an increase of roughly 25 percent in booth visitors and concrete inquiries - part of the reason why it was able to sign concrete deals at the show.prospective customers from Eastern Europe.

Lengths of up to 910 mm: SIPLACE SX sets new placement standards for unusual board sizes

Mar 11, 2011 | With options for long boards, heavy boards and thick boards, the SIPLACE Team is already offering a wide range of placement solutions for boards with unusual dimensions. Electronics manufacturers who use the SIPLACE SX1 or SIPLACE SX2 can now extend the range even further: With the SIPLACE Long Board 910 functionality they are now able for the first time to populate boards that are up to 910 mm (35.8 inches) long in a single, continuous placement process.

SIPLACE team becomes ASM Assembly Systems

Jan 10, 2011 | Following approvals received from antitrust authorities and shareholders, ASM Pacific Technology Ltd. (ASMPT), a Hong Kong-listed company, officially concluded its acquisition of Siemens AG’s SMT placement machine activities on January 7, 2011. The SIPLACE team with its approximately 1,200 members worldwide will be integrated into the ASMPT group as a business unit under the name "ASM Assembly Systems".

Global SIPLACE customer survey: New SIPLACE SX platform has a positive impact on customer satisfaction

Dec 13, 2010 | SIPLACE with headquarters in Munich, Germany, recently presented the results of its latest customer satisfaction analysis. Positive assessments rose disproportionately in Asia and southwest Europe. The numbers are particularly impressive in the area of customer loyalty: for over 90 percent of the SIPLACE customers surveyed, the industry’s innovation and technology leader will continue with their supplier of choice for future investment decisions.

Radarsensor manufacturer InnoSenT produces on SIPLACE SX equipment

Sep 22, 2010 | High demands on quality in development production

Fundacao CERTI Invests in SIPLACE SX Technology

Sep 22, 2010 | SIPLACE, the innovations and technology leader in providing groundbreaking solutions to the electronics manufacturing industry, announces that Fundacao CERTI based in Florianopolis Brazil, has invested in a SIPLACE SX line of equipment.

NOTE UK leading the way in Package on Package through Siplace technology

Jun 23, 2010 | Siplace presented a solution to NOTE satisfying their wide ranging needs

Siegfried Neubauer returns to SIPLACE headquarters

Jun 23, 2010 | After more than seven years, SIPLACE head of Asian operations Siegfried Neubauer (46) returns to the headquarters of Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG (SEAS) in Munich.

Automotive supplier AW Europe invests in new SMT lines

Jun 23, 2010 | SIPLACE SX wins the deal with scalable on-demand placement performance

SIPLACE and Mentor Graphics cooperate to deliver state of the art integration value

Jun 18, 2010 | New SIPLACE Operations Information Broker (OIB)

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