Tekena USA LLC

Distributor of Capital Equipment and Consumable Goods to the PCB/SMT Industries in North and South America

Antistatic, Cleaning, Distributor, Manufacturer's Rep, Service Provider

Ideally located in central Mid-West, Tekena USA LLC was formed in 2005 as a distributor of capital equipment and consumable goods to the Electronics (PCB & SMT), Converting, Printing and Graphics markets of North, Central and South America.


With combined industry experience of over 60 years and an extensive existing customer base of Clean Machine end users, Tekena management and staff are well equipped to offer the very highest standards of sales and after sales support.

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TEKENA DCRT Handroller

Removing contamination to increase yields, improve process efficiency and save money! Perfect for cleaning PCB's, work surfaces,films, roll edges before unwind, glass etc. *Fitted mechanical bearings *Available in 6� or 12� sizes *Soft-grip ...

TEKENA DCRT Handroller
Large PCB Dispensing System

SMT feeders