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On-site PLC Training Workshop

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Offers training software, simulators, and videos. Also, on-site training qualifies for CEUs for maintenance, engineering, and management professionals.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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On-site PLC Training Workshop

On-site PLC Training Workshop


On-site PLC Training Workshop



Offered by:

Business Industrial Network


On-site PLC Training Workshop Description:

Business Industrial Network provides on site, customized Program Logic Controller (PLC training), for your maintenance and engineering staff. This is yet another way we are responding to our customers needs. Our survey of over 300 companies and corporations reveals two well known facts.

1. The most unplanned downtime occurs during the off shifts.
2. Most companies only have PLC capable technicians available during the day shift.

Our studies on the true cost of production downtime prove that plc training of off shift employees yields a great return on your investment (ROI). We have also found those who have had plc training previously, greatly benefit from our customized training. Maintenance technicians give two good reasons for receiving additional training from Business Industrial Network.

1. "I took an OEM course a few years back, but they went too fast, and taught topics I have never used."
2. "When you hardly ever have to troubleshoot a plc, you forget that class room stuff."

The Training Solution:
Our customized plc training for your maintenance department
(What sets us apart from your other training options.)

In short, but most important ... We don't just present, we train your employees on real equipment, teach Best-Pratices, Safety and Reliability. Not just how too, but the best way to.

  • We review and use the actual plc programs you use in your facility.
  • We customize the topics, material, and level of expertise to match your current maintenance personnel's needs.
  • We actually train each employee, not just present the information. The instructor insures each employee can perform the task, as each task is taught.
  • We deliver knowledge chose to result in your facility becoming less OEM dependant resulting in less downtime and greater savings as a result of our training. Employees learn valuable tips that some OEMs may not think to share with you.
  • We focus on real world topics and techniques that better allow your employees to work with PLCs in the most safe and reliable way. Most others just present the 'how to', not safety, good work habits and the best way to perform a particular function.
  • We deliver the training in your facility, during the shifts that you request.
  • We start with hands-on classroom training, software simulations, and hand outs that reflect your actual facility equipment.
  • We wrap up the world class training with a quiz to assess effectiveness.
  • We follow up with a plan to backup all plc programs in your facility.
  • We leave you with a copy of presentation for reviews and in house training of future employees.

Our goal is to give your maintenance and engineering personnel the training they need to troubleshoot and maintain the equipment in your facility. Our training ranges from the basics for the beginner, to advanced training to aid your current technicians in working with new assets and technologies.

Business Industrial Network recommends that at least 1 person on each shift be competent in the following areas.

  • Safety
  • Basic use of your RSLogix software
  • Understanding ladder logic usage
  • Sound practices with Winzip, file management, downloading and EPROM's
  • Set up and PC to PLC Communications
  • Setup / troubleshooting RSLinx Drivers
  • View program On line and Off line
  • Troubleshooting actual problems
  • Familiar with programming conventions used in your equipment

This course has also qualified under the Federal Program - Workforce Investment Act of 1998 and most state reimbursement programs. So your company could possibly get reimbursed some or all of the training fees if they chose to pursue that.  We are also registered in the Federal CCR database if any Federal, State or Local government employees are interested in this PLC training. We have been specializing in PLC training since 1995 and maintain an A+ rating with the BBB.


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