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PLC Simulator Training Software

PLC Simulator Training Software


PLC Simulator Training Software



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Business Industrial Network

PLC Simulator Training Software Description:

PLC Simulator Software Teaches Troubleshooting PLC Controls and Circuits

PLC - Programmable Logic Controller Training

Troubleshooting PLC Circuits:

Win 10 down to XP, compatible software (64bit or 32bit)

This PLC simulator used for PLC training creates faults for user to learn skill of troubleshooting PLC controls. This Programmable Logic Controller training simulates real world faults allowing user to use simulated VOM, ladder logic and other tools to troubleshooting control circuits wired to the PLC controller simulator.

NOTE: This PLC training software was kept generic in nature so it can be included in your AB PLC training, Siemens PLC training, GE PLC training, Mitsubishi PLC training, Schneider Electric PLC training, Modicon PLC training, etc.

If you have already experienced the 3 programs in the V4 Electrical Troubleshooting Series and the Advanced Industrial Troubleshooting Simulation, you are ready for and will be at home with the Troubleshooting PLC Circuits program and using the PLC simulator.

Details at

  • Learn the basics about how PLCs and their circuits function.
  • Learn skill, practice and develop effective troubleshooting techniques for PLC systems.
  • Master PLC circuit troubleshooting with continual training in safe environments.
  • Built in videos to to learn about PLCs, their circuits and the PLC simulator.
  • 3 unique PLC controls troubleshooting scenarios.
  • Over 55 challenging malfunctions to diagnose and repair.
  • Perform voltage, resistance, and other tests with the multi-meter.
  • Trace and disconnect wires and replace components.
  • Connect a virtual laptop to the PLC simulator to go online, download PLC programs and change settings
  • Choose between North American or European design standards for PLC simulator.
  • More than a dozen hands-on labs to understand PLC operations.
  • 12 practice exercises and guided faults on a basic PLC controls circuit.
  • Troubleshoot over 30 Extra and Genius level PLC faults.
  • Retry the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced PLC faults.
  • Detailed feedback and comprehensive evaluation of your PLC troubleshooting skills.
  • Compare every new attempt to previous attempts to track your improvement.

Learn how to determine the operation of PLC controls using ladder diagrams, wiring diagrams, input/output schematics, and data sheets. Learn how to monitor and change settings in ladder logic programs using a laptop. Learn how to identify defective input, output, and PLC control modules using the multi-meter. Learn a variety of specific techniques for diagnosing malfunctions and troubleshooting circuits for any PLC make or model.

Designed for use by Instructors, Supervisors, Students and experienced Tradespersons.
Instructors: Use Pro or Enterprise Editions as part of your classroom training course.
Supervisors – Use Pro Edition to improve the troubleshooting skills of your staff, and your company’s bottom line.
Apprentices and Students – Use Personal Edition to learn to safely and effectively troubleshoot PLC circuits.
Trades people – Use Personal Edition to further develop and hone your PLC troubleshooting skills.

13 Guided PLC Training Labs:
In-depth videos cover the important information you need to know about PLCs:

  • What is a PLC
  • How PLCs work
  • PLC components
  • Interpreting programmable logic ladder diagrams

The PLC Components labs cover:

  • Digital PLC input modules
  • CPU/controls modules
  • Digital PLC output modules with relay outputs
  • Digital PLC input modules with transistor outputs

The Interpreting Programmable Logic Ladder Diagrams labs cover:

  • Inputs and outputs
  • Relays
  • Latches
  • Counters
  • Timers
  • Clock pulses

12 PLC Simulator Practice Faults walk you through troubleshooting:
Practice the PLC controls specific troubleshooting techniques you have learned on 6 Guided Exercises and 6 Practice PLC Faults:

  • Take a Guided Tour of the practice circuit to become familiar with the PLC simulation and the PLC troubleshooting tools.
  • Troubleshoot 5 Guided Faults with step-by-step assistance from an expert troubleshooter to help you apply the Systematic Troubleshooting Approach correctly while troubleshooting circuits.
  • Diagnose and repair 6 Practice PLC Faults without any assistance. Then its on to the real test.

Feedback and Evaluation:
Track your development with comprehensive evaluation for each PLC fault and the entire program.

  • Continual feedback will help keep you on track while troubleshooting circuits.
  • A detailed assessment for each PLC fault attempt will help you perfect your troubleshooting methods and techniques.
  • Monitor your progress with the Level and Overall Skill Ratings as your PLC troubleshooting abilities improve.
  • The Overall Summary will help you determine areas for improvement.


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