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Lite Fast 3010-M

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UV cure one component adhesives. Glass to glass bonding with high temperature autoclave UV adhesive; bridging power ICs to heat sinks with thermally conductive adhesive, balancing high speed motors or reflective wheels, repair of medical devices

Mesa, Arizona, USA


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Lite Fast 3010-M

Lite Fast 3010-M


Lite Fast 3010-M

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MLT/Micro-Lite Technology


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Lite Fast 3010-M is a low viscosity, one-component conformal coating. It was specifically developed for printed circuit boards (PCBs) as well as hybrid and integrated circuits for military application. Low viscosity enables the resin to flow between and under the components to provide an excellent protective coating. Adhesion to various substrates gives the resin cohesive bond strength and resistance to chemical environments. The clear material provides a protective barrier coating. Application of Lite Fast 3010-M is done by spray, dip, roll or screen coating. Its temperature range is from -55 to 125�a C. This product will withstand high humidity and high temperature environments without degradation of physical properties. Using a 300-watt per inch UV lamp, cure is achieved within seconds; peak wavelength intensity is from 350 to 400nm. A post-heat treatment at 125�a C for 15 minutes may be necessary for areas where the light is inhibited from penetrating the resin surface. A fluorescent tracer identifies any flaws on the board when put under black light. Fast cure speeds, high product quality and low material costs will result in reduced manufacturing costs. The low chloride ion content (<0.1-ppm) assures continual integrity and non-contamination of surface mounted components. 100% solid systems eliminate solvents Lite Fast 3010-M is approved to Military Specification MIL-I-46058 Meets IPC Standards

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