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Lite Fast A-1115-M

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UV cure one component adhesives. Glass to glass bonding with high temperature autoclave UV adhesive; bridging power ICs to heat sinks with thermally conductive adhesive, balancing high speed motors or reflective wheels, repair of medical devices

Mesa, Arizona, USA


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Lite  Fast A-1115-M

Lite  Fast A-1115-M


Lite Fast A-1115-M

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MLT/Micro-Lite Technology


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Lite Fast A-1115-M is a clear UV coating with excellent adhesion to polyester, polycarbonate, polyurethane and many other plastics and cures within seconds. There are two particular functions where this UV adhesive is most frequently used, as a repair adhesive or as a final coating for endoscopes. On surfaces that are severely scratched or damaged, a light application of Lite Fast A-1115-M guarantees continual use of endoscopes that would otherwise be discarded. A more typical application is used in conjunction with Lite Fast A-1175, a black UV pre-coating adhesive. After UV cure of the pre-coating, Lite Fast A-1115-M is applied to enhance the gloss and help to eliminate the visibility of any repair technique. Lite Fast A-1115-M is a one-component UV adhesive that is clear and cures within 30-60 seconds of exposure to a high intensity UV spot cure system. The lamp has a peak wavelength intensity at 365nm. Lite Fast A-1115-M meets USP Class VI testing with extraction at 37�aC for 72 hours. Independent laboratories that are AALAC accredited and are registered with the FDA, EPA and USDA performed testing. The material is flexible and passes a minimum of 1000 cycles of Sporox, Steris and peracetic acid testing.

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