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Lite Fast 2081

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UV cure one component adhesives. Glass to glass bonding with high temperature autoclave UV adhesive; bridging power ICs to heat sinks with thermally conductive adhesive, balancing high speed motors or reflective wheels, repair of medical devices

Mesa, Arizona, USA


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Lite Fast 2081

Lite Fast 2081


Lite Fast 2081

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MLT/Micro-Lite Technology


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Lite Fast 2081, a UV encapsulant, was specifically developed to relieve the stress placed on toroidal coils or electronic components that will experience pressure during the molding process. With a durometer Shore D hardness of 5, the UV encapsulant is allowed to expand and contract without changing the properties of the module. Ionic purity is critical to the long-term performance of a module and ionic contamination is the first consideration of module manufacturers. There is no ionic contamination when using this UV encapsulant. Equally important is the low dielectric constant of 2.1 that makes this UV encapsulant ideal for high frequency applications. It is this tight tolerance placed upon manufacturers where the importance of the lower dielectric constant is required. The lower dielectric constant the less interference from adjacent conductive paths and a more uniform magnetic inductance required for toroidal coils after they are molded. Lite Fast 2081 is an anaerobic encapsulant. Ultraviolet systems will cure in the complete absence of air. Outgassing often occurs from the heat generated by conventional systems or from the heat essential to their cure. Since Lite Fast 2081 is a cool, UV curable process, there is no outgassing. Within seconds of exposure to UV light, the low viscosity encapsulant polymerizes to a soft, durable coating. A 300-watt per inch UV lamp is needed to effect cure. Lamp wavelength is from 250 to 400nm. With this rapid UV cure, the chance for entrapped air to push through the surface, causing blisters or blow-holes is eliminated. Quick cure of the clear UV encapsulant guarantees an airtight seal and resistance to humidity. Operating temperatures range from -55 up to 125�a C without delamination from the metalized surface.

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