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N2 lead free dual wave soldering system

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Yee Fung Electric Equipment LTD. is one of the foreign capital Hi-tech corporations with advanced technology developing system and advanced production manufacture system. We are professional in design and manufacture soldering machine and parking sys

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N2 lead free dual wave soldering system

N2 lead free dual wave soldering system


N2 lead free dual wave soldering system

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Yeefung Industrial Equipment CO.,LTD


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high quality with low price, Yeefung is your best choice. Features: 1.Used in soldering SMT and insertion components. Flowing design and nice view. 2.Preheating zone and filtration system adopt modularization design, it is easy to clean and maintenance. 3.Two longer preheating zone, preheating curve stable, ensure heating PCB equally without distortion. 4.Adopt auto follow spray system, and the spraying area is adjusted according to the width of PCB. 5.The two wave structures are all adopt stepless frequency conversion, and control the height independently. 6.Can connect with other equipment, and realize full automatic producing. 7.Can setup auto start or stop date and time 8.The heating components adopt heat-resistant black figuline tube, heating equally, and long lifetime. 9.Economic running, the Tin wave auto rise according to the PCB, low oxygenation. 10.The transport system adopt stepless electric actiyator, and closed loop control, it ensure the stable speed. 11.Running modes: manual and automatic. 12.The accelerated preheating system adopts special pyrex and 1.8m infrared to heat PCB equally. 13.External installation adjusts wave shape and flux more accurately, and it is only 1/10 of the normal adjustment time. 14.The Solder pot is designed on outer-heater, close dual wave, soft spout and lower oxygenation.

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