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Flying Probe Testing

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The Test Connection Inc. is a integrator of test solutions for In-Circuit Test, Flying Probe, Boundary Scan and Functional Test. TTCI supports Agilent 3070, Teradyne TestStation/228x, Digitaltest Condor, Seica Pilot V8, XJTAG

Owings Mills, Maryland, USA

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Flying Probe Testing

Flying Probe Testing


Flying Probe Testing


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The Test Connection, Inc


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TTCI offers the complete solution for customers who want maximum performance: the highest test speed, test coverage and flexibility, whether they are testing prototypes, manufacturing batches, or repairing any type of boards.
Flying probe test systems are often used for only testing basic production boards, prototypes, and boards that present accessibility problems. Flying probe testing uses electro-mechanically controlled probes to access parts on the board, similar to ICT. The precision movement can probe points on PLCCs, SOICs, PGAs, SSOPs, QFPs and others, without any expensive fixturing or programming required.

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