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Bar Solder for Electronic Assembly

Bar Solder for Electronic Assembly

Bar Solder for Electronic Assembly


Bar Solder for Electronic Assembly


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Stellar Technical Products

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Stellar Technical Products

Major supplier of soldering materials and equipment to U.S. industry. We offer a wide variety of products from premier manufacturers like Alpha Metals, Easy Braid, Microcare, Weller, Hakko, Xcelite & Erem among others.

Gardena, California, USA

Adhesives / Dispensing, Antistatic, Cleaning, Distributor, Soldering

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Whether you are a hobbyist, sheet metal fabricator, or an electronics assembler, provides quality solder for you, including lead-free solder wire. When you shop online at our business, you’ll be able to get a solder bar, babbit for spraying and casing, or lead-free solder to complete your job. Other selections include paste solder, brazing rods, ribbons, and low-temperature fusible alloys. This is a great opportunity to find a wide array of products at affordable prices. maintains one of the largest stocks of soldering materials, such as lead-free solder, in the United States. We operate out of our Los Angeles headquarters and keep a huge array of our soldering materials in our Chicago and Texas warehouses. Check out our variety today and place your order for a solder bar or lead-free solder wire. We are confident that you’ll find excellent selections to suit your needs. Furthermore, we are available to answer any questions you have about our products. 

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