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Impedance control PCB

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Bicheng Enterprise Company is an established supplier and solution provider of high quality printed circuit boards(PCB). We offer prototypes and middle volume to large production including TG170, MCPCB and RO4350B material. etc.

Shenzhen, China

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Impedance control PCB

Impedance control PCB


Impedance control PCB



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Bicheng Enterprise Company


Impedance control PCB Description:

Bicheng provides impedance controlled PCB's for R&D, high-tech, IT research companies and organizations, large or small.

Technical parameters
*Controlled dielectric           
*Controlled impedance           
*Design coupons 
*Test coupons
*Polar CITS500                   
*Tolerance +/-10%               
*Differential impedance   
*Single end impedance

Actual PCB case
It's a typical sample we offer for high power electronics:
230*230mm=1 PCB    FR-4 TG170    4 Layers    35 um copper each layer    2.4mm finished thick
min.track/space: 4/4mil    Min.hole 0.25mm        ENIG Surface finish
L1 and L4: track /space 5.1/6mil, 90+/-10% ohm differential impedance
L1, L2 and L4, track /space 6.1/7.8mil, 100+/-10% ohm differential impedance

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*MOQ: 1 PCB       
*Door to door shipment

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