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X-Treme Series Automatic Drying Cabinets

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Manufacturer of Auto Dry Cabinets.

ANKARA, Turkey


  • Phone +90 312 472 20 60
  • Fax +90 312 472 20 65

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X-Treme Series Automatic Drying Cabinets

X-Treme Series Automatic Drying Cabinets


X-Treme Series Automatic Drying Cabinets


Board Handling - Storage

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X-Treme Series Automatic Drying Cabinets Description:

Ideal solution to dry, bake, store & test Moisture Sensitive Devices

Drying & Storage of Moisture Sensitive Devices is getting more and more important. With reliable design and leading specifications, X-Treme Series Auto Dry Cabinets are suitable for almost all dehumidification applications.

  • 1% Rh Ultra Low Humidity with Ultra Fast Dehumidification Rate
  • Ambient to 60 °C Adjustable Heating for Low Temperature Baking
  • 15 - 60 °C  Programmable Cooling - Heating
  • New Humidification Option   20 °C - 60 %Rh

User friendly Touch Screen Control Panel enables easy access to all user settings and system information. Built-in Datalogger & Curve Plotting of Relative Humidity provides information of last memory records at a glance.
Unique Ultra Fast Dehumidification Rate and its Stylish Looking make X-Treme Series perfect even for hard-to-please users.

Patented Dryer Technology offers Ultra Fast Dehumidification Rate ~10 min2 and compensates door openings. High capacity dehumidification but low energy consumption. Confident for even hardest ambient and operating conditions. Pleasure with Silent Operation.

User can monitor the Humidity and Temperature inside the cabinet and outdoor values with optional Outdoor Sensor for a period of time at a glance.

Built-in Datalogger History Pane shows all recorded data sequentially in curve plotting.

User can easily follow the history, 60 min standard, or much more with optional Datalogger Card.

XT CABINETS: Standard Size 1200 x 2000 x 750 mm W x H x D

XL CABINETS: Extended Depth, LARGE Size 1200 x 2000 x 1050 mm W x H x D

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