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With more than 30 employees throughout China. we offer reliable and affordable solutions for your SMT equipment, spare parts and consumable needs.

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Our company has long-term cooperation with equipment suppliers overseas and imports all kinds of used chip mounters and spare parts from Panasonic for domestic and oversea processing enterprises. 

The engineers in our company are trained by Panasonic and Fuji and all have the related experience of after-sale service for years. They are now engaging in after-sale service in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dalian, Kunshan and the nearby countries like Thailand and Singapore. Meanwhile, our company keeps connection with the professional companies in Japan, Singapore, England and Canada in order to ensure the clients service quality.


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MV2F K type(M)

Panasonic MV2F Ktype M size, Year 1997/1996 feeder 8*4 MM 50pcs place:HK...

MV2F K type(M)
PCB Incpection - Omron

pcb components vacuum pick up