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Mask Alignment Systems

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ABM designs and manufactures mask aligners, exposure systems, photolithographic products and accessories used in the production of semiconductor integrated circuits.

San Jose, California, USA

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  • Phone 408-972-5085
  • Fax 408-972*0939

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Mask Alignment Systems

Mask Alignment Systems


Mask Alignment Systems

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ABM, Inc.


Mask Alignment Systems Description:

  • Table-Top Configuration
  • Adjustable Vacuum Contact Or Proximity Printing
  • Precision Alignment Module For Piece Parts Up to 8" Square, .005" to .3" Thick
  • Top (2" to 10") And Bottom (2" to 8") Vacuum Mask Holders
  • Fixed Level Or Wedge Compensation (Planarizing) Vacuum Chucks
  • Uniform/Collimated Exposure Beams, Near UV, Mid UV, Deep UV
  • 2-Channel 200 To 2,000 Watt Intensity Controlling Power Supplies
  • Splitfield CCD/TV Alignment Systems/Microscopes, Single Field Zoom & High Magnification Microscopes
  • Infrared Backside Alignment Viewing, Single or Splitfield
  • Standard Support And Vibration Isolation Tables

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