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Stand Alone Exposure Systems

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ABM designs and manufactures mask aligners, exposure systems, photolithographic products and accessories used in the production of semiconductor integrated circuits.

San Jose, California, USA

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  • Phone 408-972-5085
  • Fax 408-972*0939

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Stand Alone Exposure Systems

Stand Alone Exposure Systems


Stand Alone Exposure Systems

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ABM, Inc.


Stand Alone Exposure Systems Description:

  • Near UV (350-450nm), Mid UV (280-310nm), Deep UV (220-280nm)
  • Mirror Sets: Near UV, G, H, & I line (436nm, 400nm, 365nm), Mid UV (280-310nm), Deep UV (220nm), (248nm), (254nm), (260-280nm)
  • Uniform/Collimated Exposure Beams Up to 16" Square
  • Uniform/Non-Collimated Exposure Beams Up to 18" Square
  • 2-Channel 200 to 2,000 Watt Intensity Controlling Power Supplies
  • Adjustable Wattage (regulated) 200 to 2,000 Watt Power Supplies
  • Exposure Timer, Adjustable .1 To 999.9 Seconds, Minute Timers Available
  • Table-Top Mounting With Light Shielding, Rotating Chuck Options
  • Double Sided Exposure Console For Simultaneous (front/back) Or Independent (front or backside) Exposures. Console Supports, 2-Exposure Sources, 2-Lamp Power Supplies & 2-Shutter Timers.
  • Quick Change Mirror Mounting

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