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Polyimide -Feb tape

Polyimide -Feb tape

Polyimide -Feb tape


Polyimide -Feb tape

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Polyimide -Feb tape Description:

Polyimide -Feb tape BJ-CF polyimide film is the general Polyimide film that is coated or laminated on one or both sides with Teflon? FEP fluoropolymer. It imparts heat sealability, provides a moisture barrier, and enhances chemical resistance. Applications: require a heat bondable film, or moisture and chemical resistance beyond the capabilities of uncoated polyimide films, such as tubing, heater circuits, heat sealable bags, automotive diaphragms and manifolds, magnetic wire,PTC Insulation Typical size: BJ-CF616, BJ-CF019, BJ-CF919 Main Properties: ID Description Unit< Value Testing Method 1 Base Thickness um 25 ASTM D-374 2 Nominal Coating Thickness um 4/12.5 ASTM D-374 3 Total Thickness um 33/37.5/50 ASTM D-374 4 Thickness Tolerance um ��3 ASTM D-374 5 Tensile Strength Mpa ��160Mpa ASTM D-822 6 Elongation % ��45% ASTM D-822 7 Breakdown Voltage MV/m ��200 ASTM D-149 8 Surface resistance �� ��1.0��1014 ASTM D-257 9 Volume resistance ��?cm ��1.0��1013 ASTM D-257 10 Peeling Strength N/2.5cm ��6 IPC-TM-650

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