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Linear scale is mainly used in beeline linear motion guides framework, and it can precisely show the transference quantum and can automatically control. It has been widely used in tool machine processing and accuracy measurement. Our company is the earliest national professional producer of optical grating sensor. At present, it provides overall series of products. It has all kings of variety and is exquisitely designed. It can be used to digital reconstruction of various types of machine tool and apparatus, and can make special factures according to customer��s special requirements. Brief introduction to production classification The linear scale is divided into open and close type.The open type is the high precision one, the production type is YJCT, and the output wave is sine wave. It is mainly used in digital reconstruction of precision apparatus, and its highest resolution ratio can reach 0.1��m.The close type is mainly used in the digital reconstruction of average machine and apparatus. The output wave is square wave. According to the outline, it can be divided into small-size type,standard-size and large-size type. The type is divided into YJCF, YJCE, YJCG. The large-size type can reach 3000mm,the resolution ratio is 1��m,5��m. Various type of assembly accessories is provided for the customer to facilitate the equipment of the system. Model Resolution Effective row spaceing Speed Repeatability accuracy Accuracy 50-500 550-1000 1100- 1500 1600- 2000 2100- 3000 YJCG1 1��m 1100-3000 ��20m/min 1��m ��3��m ��6��m ��30��m ��50��m ��80��m YJCG5 5��m 1100-3000 ��60m/min 5��m ��6��m ��10��m ��30��m ��50��m ��80��m Model Resolution Effective row spacing Speed Repeatability accuracy Accuracy 50-500mm 550-600mm YJCF1 1��m 50-600 ��20m/min 1��m ��3��m ��6��m YJCF5 5��m 50-1000 ��60m/min 5��m ��6��m ��10��m YJCF0.5 0.5��m 50-600 ��15m/min 0.5��m ��3��m ��6��m YJCF0.2 0.2��m 50-600 ��15m/min 0.2��m ��3��m ��6��m YJCE1 1��m 50-1000 ��20m/min 1��m ��3��m ��6��m YJCE5 5��m 50-1000 ��60m/min 5��m ��6��m ��10��m YJCE0.5 0.5��m 50-600 ��15m/min 0.5��m ��3��m ��6��m YJCE0.2 0.2��m 50-600 ��15m/min 0.2��m ��3��m ��6��m Model YJCF1 YJCF5 YJCE1 YJCE5 YJCG1 YJCG5 Optical grating pitch 20��m, 10��m Optical grating measurement system Transmission infrared optical measurement system ,infrared way wavelength:880mm Numerical reading head rolling system Vertical five axle rolling system 45��five axle rolling system Output signal TTL EIA-422-A(RS-122) -1 Vpp Power supply 5V��5%DC 12V��5%DC Environment Temperature 0-50% humidity��90% d

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