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Minioven Compact IR Reflow Oven

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Finetech manufactures innovative, high-accuracy equipment for leading-edge bonding, micro assembly and rework challenges.

Gilbert, Arizona, USA


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Minioven Compact IR Reflow Oven

Minioven Compact IR Reflow Oven


Minioven Compact IR Reflow Oven


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Minioven Compact IR Reflow Oven Description:

The new MiniOven-05 is a compact and versatile IR reflow oven suitable for a wide range of SMD components. This newest version provides enhanced process capability with updated firmware and increased control and temperature stability.

The highly efficient hybrid heating technology heats electronic components similar to a standard reflow oven:  gently and simultaneously from all sides, ensuring process repeatability with high yields. A large 4-button front display enables fast set-up and management of multiple user-defined reballing and prebumping profiles residing within the system.

Profiles are easily generated using the system’s auto profile software and external thermocouple for real-time product temperature feedback.  EASYBEAM Windows-based software enables profile management and back-up, preserving valuable process development.  The MiniOven 05 supports inert atmospheres such as nitrogen and utilizes an advanced gas distribution system, providing an inert blanket to displace oxygen.  

All of these technical innovations result in increased performance and operating simplicity.  This compact, robust system is easy to use and is perfect for production and R&D environments. 


  • Compact tabletop device
  • Integrated nitrogen support
  • Cost-efficient solution for BGA reballing and QFN printing
  • Optimal heat distribution
  • Integrated profile library
  • External thermocouple
  • Intuitive operation

The MiniOven-05 is the ideal enhancement for all FINEPLACER® rework systems. Designed as tabletop device, the process stage of component preparation can be carried out independently, making it an alternative to the FINEPLACER® BGA Reballing Module.

Technical Specifications

Component size (min.) 15 mm x 15 mm
Component size (max.) 60 mm x 60 mm 
Heated area 130 mm x 105 mm
Power (max.) 500 W
Temperature ramp rate Limited to 3.5 K/s
Heating temperature (max.) 280°C
Process gas supply yes
Internal temperature sensor K-type sensor
Number of programs (max.) 99
Dimension outside 140 mm x 290 mm x 83 mm
Dimension inside 80 mm x 80 mm x 20 mm

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