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Exceptional electronic products start with exceptional programming. BPM Microsystems is the leading global supplier of automated and manual programming systems, serving the semiconductor and electronics industries.

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Manufacturer of Test Equipment

Exceptional device programming that's faster and easier.

Established in 1985, BPM Microsystems is the leading global supplier of automated and manual device programmers systems. Leading the competition in device support, programming speed, signal quality, security, ease of use, and total cost of ownership, BPM is the trusted programmer of the automotive, industrial control, medical device, aerospace, and wireless device industries.

BPM provides a complete line of programmers, which include Universal Programmers, Concurrent Programming Systems®, and Fine-Pitch Automated Programming Systems, designed to meet all of your programming requirements. BPM industry-leading technologies provide customers with the most flexible, value-focused programmers designed to lower the cost of programming. From the lowest to the highest in programming volume, BPM Microsystems has a product that will fit your need and will grow as your business grows.

BPM programming technology supports MCS, Serial Flash, NAND, NOR and eMMC HS400 modes. BPM solutions support a high-mix of devices, and BPM continues to lead the industry in universal device support for programmable semiconductor devices by releasing new programming algorithms five times per week. The modular design means that the same algorithms used on our engineering programmers also run on our production programmers, ensuring a smooth and rapid transition from prototype to production. 

BPM offers comprehensive, worldwide technical support and user training. Our customer focus has set the standard in support, performance, ease-of-use, and cost-of-ownership.

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4900 Automated Programming System

4900 Universal Automated Programming System High throughput, fast changeover, and extreme flexibility, the 4900 delivers the quality and reliability customers count on, for the most demanding production requirements...

Component Programming

4900 Automated Programming System

3900 Automated Programming System

The industry’s only programming solution that offers both the fastest programming speeds and true universal device support. HIGH-SPEED PROGRAMMING High programming speed for MCUs...

Component Programming

3900 Automated Programming System

2900L Production Programming System

2900L Production Programming System The 2900L with Precision Lever Socket Actuator and Universal Pressure Plate combines BPM's high-mix device support with the industry's fastest programming speeds.  ...

Component Programming

2900L Production Programming System

1900 Programming System

1900 Universal First Article or Low Volume Programming System Best in class programming technology packaged in a low volume or first article programmer.  High Speed Programming ...

Component Programming

1900 Programming System

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BPM Microsystems Generates 62% Sales Growth in 2018

Jul 09, 2018 | BPM Microsystems finished the first half of 2018 with 62% year-over-year sales growth for automated programming systems. “After 33 years in business, we are still setting records across every aspect of our business,” said William White, President and CEO at BPM Microsystems. “Customers are responding positively to our best-in-class flexibility, reliability, capability, ease of use and support. It’s always a great feeling when you’re setting records. Our focus on trouble-free operation, customer productivity and total cost of ownership is really paying off.”

BPM Microsystems Wins Product Innovation Award for WhisperTeach

Apr 10, 2018 | 2018 New Product Introduction Award Presented at IPC APEX EXPO

BPM Microsystems Named Best in Customer Service

Mar 29, 2018 | 2018 Service Excellence Award Presented at IPC APEX EXPO

BPM Automates Z-Teaching Using AI

Jan 29, 2018 | HOUSTON, TX-Jan. 29, 2018-Pick and place errors account for the majority of quality issues when programming small devices. Pick and place inaccuracy occurs when the machine is not taught precisely. Teaching the machine manually is nearly impossible for small devices, and for larger devices operator skill and experience are required. Programming centers and manufacturers programming small devices incur added costs for labor, machine idle time, lost devices, damaged devices, escapes and poor yield. BPM invented WhisperTeach™, patent pending, to help programming centers and manufacturers reduce setup time per job, improve cycle time, reduce changeover time, and improve job accuracy. WhisperTeach™ uses artificial intelligence and an enhanced pneumatic system to learn and determine the accurate z-height between the nozzle and device.

BPM Microsystems Introduces 4900 APS

Nov 09, 2017 | BPM Microsystems is demonstrating its new 4900 automated programming system at Productronica. The 4900, with its advanced chip-scale part (CSP) device handling, on-the-fly vision alignment, and HS400 programming speeds, satisfies a vast range of programming needs in one automated system. Featuring high-performance laser marking and 3D inspection, the 4900 provides advanced serialization and quality control, meeting the highest programming and cyber security standards for automotive, aerospace, medical, industrial and mobile device industries.

BPM Microsystems Launches 3800-MK2 Automated Programming System

Nov 15, 2013 | BPM Microsystems announces the release of the BPM model 3800-MK2.

BPM Microsystems Now Supports Lattice’s iCE40 Family of FPGAs

Oct 28, 2013 | BPM Microsystems is pleased to announce support for the iCE40 family of FPGAs from Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: LSCC). The iCE40 FPGA family is supported on BPM Microsystems’ 7th and 8th Generation platforms, the most versatile and universal programming solutions on the market today.  

Adaptsys to Show BPM Microsystems’ High-Speed Device Programmers at ENOVA Paris

Sep 24, 2013 | BPM Microsystems will showcase its model 2800ISP in-system programming station and 2800 manual production programmer in Adaptsys’ booth located in Pavilion 7.2 – Stand N° L54 at ENOVA PARIS, scheduled to take place October 8-10, 2013 at the Paris expo Porte de Versailles.

BPM Microsystems Sets the Standard in Device Programming with BPWin v5.34.0 Software Release

Aug 13, 2013 | BPM Microsystems announces that the latest release of BPWin Software is now available for immediate download at http://www.bpmmicro.com/software.

BPM Microsystems Releases Device-Driven Serialization White Paper

Jun 03, 2013 | BPM Microsystems, announces the release of its latest white paper, “Advanced Device Serialization Using an External Serialization Server,” written by Software Engineering Manager Nader Shehad.

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