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INOVISION - Supply Chain Management Software

INOVISION - Supply Chain Management Software

INOVISION - Supply Chain Management Software


INOVISION - Supply Chain Management Software



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Inovaxe Corporation

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Inovaxe Corporation

Inovaxe is focused on developing state-of-the-art Inovative Material Handling Solutions (MHS) for Low-Volume/High-Mix Manufacturing.

Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

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INOVISION - Supply Chain Management Software Description:

Inovision is Inovaxe’s proprietary Web-based material handling system (MHS) that offers the benefits of flexibility, speed, accuracy and cost-efficiency. It also manages the Inovaxe Single Package/Single Location method. Inovision is an expandable set of functions starting with Inovision Basic that allows the tracking of the single package locations and expands to the full Inovision MRP application.

Easy to learn, Inovision provides complete multi-view material requirements, multi-level BOM capability, and manages automation and manual production processes. It eliminates the traditional need to “kit materials for SMT operations, and uses extensive part search capabilities, extensive management reporting, FIFO part issuing system, and a multi-warehouse capability. The manufacturers’ part number is used as a common denominator and Inovision features a min/max capability for ordering parts such as MROs and low-cost components. Additionally, the Web-based MHS provides real-time features including “what if” can build scenarios, generation of kit/job status and shipping dispatch with finished goods serialization.

Other key features include:

  • Customer Approved Vendor List (AVL) management and integrity
  • Customer backlog and sales order management
  • Customer management with multi contact/address capability
  • Vendor management with multi contact/address capability
  • Built-in multi vendor quoting system
  • Regulatory compliance management ― RoHS and non-RoHS
  • Multi-company management (parent/child relationship)

Purchasing exception (expediting) management, load line and dynamic WIP management, perpetual inventory (PI) and do not inventory (DNI) management are standard on Inovision, and there is a customer consigned management capability, as well as upper management cost controls, e.g., PO override for purchase cost and excess inventory. Risk management can be achieved through manufacturer component part traceability.

Descriptions above are example of flexibility of the Inovision software suite. Please, contact Inovaxe to configure a package to meet your specific needs.

Customer Benefits

Inovision improves inventory accuracy, minimizes inventory build up, and reduces load time, kitting time, human error, WIP, purchasing time, and material handling time.

Machine Operator

Using Inovision, the machine operator pulls parts from SPSL storage carts using a Web-based load line menu from Inovision. Inovision then identifies the location, quantity, location on the carts and placement on the machine. When the lowest count package part is consumed, the next location is identified. When the job is finished, the system identifies the quantity remaining on that package and new cart location. Every time the material is moved, errors are identified and corrected.

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