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Panasonic AM100 Modular Placement Machine

Panasonic AM100 Modular Placement Machine

Panasonic AM100 Modular Placement Machine


Panasonic AM100 Modular Placement Machine


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Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America (PFSA)

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Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America (PFSA)

PFSA develops and supports innovative manufacturing automation equipment, processes and solutions around the core of electronic assembly, microelectronic, software and circuit manufacturing

Rolling Meadows, Illinois, USA

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, OEM, Pick and Place

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Panasonic AM100 Modular Placement Machine Description:


Combines the capability, flexibility, and reliability you expect from Panasonic’s award-winning NPM and PanaCIM® Manufacturing Execution System (MES) into a cost-effective, high-mix solution.

The AM100 maintains the high standards for capability, flexibility, and reliability customers expect from Panasonic in a cost-effective, incrementally scalable, high-mix SMT solution. Only one machine is required to get production started and it's easy to add more units and/or technologies as demands change.

Panasonic's AM100 modular placement machine features a single head (single beam) capable of placing an impressive component array including: 0402mm to 120x90x28mm, large connectors, odd-shaped components, and advanced packaging types such as PoP

Prepare the next product while production is running on the AM100 for non-stop changeover and put to use a variety of highly flexible configurations and component supply types. Flexible setup is further enhanced in the AM100 by Feeder Anywhere and Nozzle Anywhere features. Large boards can be processed and advanced features including a component thickness camera, auto support pin exchange, PCB warpage detection, and tray verification are also available.

Standard Features:

  • 14-nozzle Highly Versatily Head
  • High Resolution Line Camera
  • Nozzle Changer
  • CAD Data Import Utility
  • Pre-defined Part Libray
  • Adaptive Component Pick
  • Auto Placement Calibration
  • Multi-job Production Scheduling
  • Auto Feeder Teach
  • Fiducial Teach with Auto Adjust
  • Virtual PCB Inspection
  • PoP Process Capable
  • NPI Software Tool Set


Model Name (Number)

AM100 (NM-EJM4D)


Scalable Single Gantry Hyrbrid Drive Platform

Drive System

Highly Accurarate Linear Motor Hybrid Drive

Component Alignment

Digital Color Line Scan Camera, Fixed Position

Head Design

14-spindle Ultra High Flex Head

Board Dimensions

510 x 460mm (20 x 18”) Standard
1,200 x 460mm (47x18”) Optional

Board Thickness

up to 8mm

Placement Accuracy

±40 micron Cpk ≥1.0 Chip
±30 micron Cpk ≥1.0 QFP


Ideal: 35,800 cph
IPC9850: 22,000 cph

Component Range

Minimum: 01005 (0402M)
Maximum: 120x90mm (4.7x3.5”) & 150x25mm (6x1”)
Height: up to 28mm (1.1”)
Bumps: 0.15mm diameter, 0.3mm pitch

Feeder Capacity

Reels: up to 160 reels
Tubes: up to 60 tubes
Trays: up to 40 trays


Electric: 3 Phase AC 200/220V ±10V, AC 380/400/420/480V ±20V 2.0 kVA400V 2 KVA
Pneumatic Min 0.5 MPa to Max 0.8MPa, 200 L/min (A.N.R.)
Mass: 2370 Kg (Main Body with 4 Feeder Banks)
Dimensions: W 1,970 x L 2,019 x H 1,450mm

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