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SemiTouch STAV

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Milara Inc

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Milara Inc

The Company is dedicated to the development, manufacturing, servicing and/or licensing of manual, semi automatic and automatic stencil/screen printers, dispensers, and wafer printers for the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Semiconductor Industries

Medway, Massachusetts, USA

Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs

  • Phone 508.533.5322
  • Fax 508.533.8686

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SemiTouch STAV Description:

� Two camera, automatic vision servo PCB correction

� Right is Right, right side shuttle load position

� Unsurpassed vibration squeegee printing technology

� Bottom side ultrasonic stencil cleaner

� Vibrating squeegee assembly

The SemiTouch STAV printer features a maximum print area of 16 x 20", and servo-controlled and fully programmable X, Y, Z and Theta vision alignment. With universal squeegee heads, an industrial PC control system and programmable squeegee-up delay, the system offers users run-time diagnostics, message feedback, magnetic tooling plate and advanced safety features.

Additionally, the printer comes standard with a high-precision two-camera automatic vision alignment system, universal screen adapter plate and multiple print modes (stencil and screen printing). Step-through programming is available for new operators and advanced programming for experienced operators.

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