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Electroformed SMT Stencils

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One of the major suppliers of stencils and pallets to the SMT industry. Stentech offers Electroformed and laser cut stencils, pallets and fixtures.

Markham Ontario, Ontario, Canada

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Electroformed SMT Stencils

Electroformed SMT Stencils


Electroformed SMT Stencils


Solder Paste Stencils

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Stentech is at the forefront of the next generation of stencils, Electroformed Stencils, with more than ten years of research and development. Stentech has now been manufacturing quality Electroformed Stencils for over five years for our North American Customers.

Stentech, with its special processes and increased capacity can now produce and deliver an Electroformed Stencil within 48 hours anywhere in North America.

Why electroformed stencils?

  • The smooth trapezoidal sidewalls of an electroformed stencil allow for better paste release compared to polished laser or etched stencils. Electroform stencils provide fine and ultra-fine pitch apertures with paste transfer efficiencies at 95% and above, while minimizing bridging.
  • Since the process occurs at an atomic scale, the aperture tolerances are in the micron range. Typically, +/- 10 microns (.0004") are achieved.
  • Electroform foils are harder than full hard stainless steel of comparable thickness, providing for longer stencil life (hardness 500 Hv and greater). This durability is advantageous for high-volume runs.
  • Nickel has a lower coefficient of friction compared to stainless steel, which allows for a better roll of the solder paste and decreases wear on squeegee blades.
  • Allows for thinner stencils due to the increase in paste transfer efficiencies.
  • Can mean an increase in production yields due to lower numbers of re-works.
  • Stencils and foils can be produced in a non-standard thickness, if required, as well as step up, step down, and recessed areas (i.e. 2.4, 4.2, 5.7 etc)
  • Large aperture counts can be completed faster and more efficiently with an electroform stencil due to the electroform process itself. This allows for a denser image area without any distortion due to heat transfer caused by laser cutting. (pad count: 1 to unlimited)

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