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Anritsu S331D Cable Antenna Analyzers

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Anritsu S331D Cable Antenna Analyzers

Anritsu S331D Cable Antenna Analyzers


Anritsu S331D Cable Antenna Analyzers


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Anritsu S331D Cable Antenna Analyzers Description:

The Anritsu S331D spectrum analyzer is a wide band, very sensitive receiver. It works on the principle of "super-heterodyne receiver" to convert higher frequencies (normally ranging up to several 10s of GHz) to measurable quantities. The received frequency spectrum is slowly swept through a range of pre-selected frequencies, converting the selected frequency to a measurable DC level (usually logarithmic scale), and displaying the same on the CRT of the Anritsu S331D. The CRT displays received signal strength (y-axis) against frequency ( x-axis).

Some applications for Anritsu S331D Spectrum Analyzers include Site Monitoring: Verify that the frequency and signal strength of your transmitter is accurate. Interference: Before a system is installed you use a Anritsu S331D spectrum analyzer to verify that the frequencies (you plan to use) are not occupied or if the presence of a very strong signal will interfere with your new setup. Interference can be created by a number of different situations. Other tests that utilize the Anritsu S331D spectrum analyzer features include antenna isolation, co-channel interference, adjacent channel power, occupied bandwidth, intermodulation, microwave or satellite antenna alignment, and characterization of components.

Accurate return loss/SWR and fault location measurements
Accurately tests RF transmission lines and antennas
Superior immunity to on-channel interference for testing at co-located antenna sites
Multilingual user interface: German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese
Insertion Loss/Gain (S251C only)
Spectrum analysis (S114C and S332C only)
Optional RF power monitor
Optional built-in bias tee (S251C only)
Synthesizer accurate to 75 ppm
Internal memory saves up to 200 traces
Instrument configuration up to 10 configurations
Alphanumeric trace naming
Time, Date stamp
Field replaceable battery
Segmented limit lines
Six markers

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