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MR10 Reflow Ovens

MR10 Reflow Ovens

MR10 Reflow Ovens


MR10 Reflow Ovens



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Manufacturer of automatic & semi-automatic SMT machines.

Warsaw, Poland

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Pick and Place

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MR10 Reflow Ovens Description:

Mechatronika MR10 is a fully programmable far infra red oven, suitable for reflow soldering as well as glue heat drying.

Soldering sections are controlled by a microprocessor, that also enables the storage of up to sixteen parametrized temperature profiles. Ease of programming and safe operation make it specially suitable for small and medium volume production. Autoprofiling equipment shortens set-up time and gaurantee durable solder joints.


  • Fully programmable far IR oven
  • Thermally optimised process
  • Auto profiling equipment for exact soldering with minimal test expenditure
  • Single phase 230 V supply
  • Special heater layout for homogenous heat distribution

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