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Manufacturer of high performance, alternative cleaning agents. Petroferm Provides products to most cleaning process technologies; aqueous, co-solvent, hydrocarbon/solvent, semi-aqueous, and vapor degreasing.

Gurnee, Illinois, USA


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Petroferm Inc


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Petroferm offers a complete line of cleaning chemistries for use in immersion ultrasonic cleaning equipment. These cleaning materials are used for defluxing (removing post reflow solder paste residues) circuit boards and production fixtures, as well as, the removal of surface mount adhesives (SMD) and raw solder paste from stencil and circuit boards.

  • BIOACT SC-22 is a most effective SMD adhesive cleaner. This high-flash-point cleaner is used for defluxing and stencil /misprint cleaning.
  • HYDREX WS is a ready to use, neutral-pH solder paste and SMD adhesive cleaner requires no secondary rinsing

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