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SEHO HSS 3235 - High Volume Selective Dip Soldering

SEHO HSS 3235 - High Volume Selective Dip Soldering

SEHO HSS 3235 - High Volume Selective Dip Soldering


SEHO HSS 3235 - High Volume Selective Dip Soldering


Selective Soldering

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SEHO Systems GmbH

SEHO develops and manufactures reflow, selective and wave soldering machines for the electronics industry. Since its foundation in 1976, SEHO is worldwide THE contact partner whenever soldering is involved.

Kreuzwertheim, Germany

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Selective Soldering, Soldering

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SEHO HSS 3235 - High Volume Selective Dip Soldering Description:

High volume selective soldering with dip soldering processes.  The ideal system whenever short cycle times and large production volumes are required.

Selective Soldering with Short Cycle Times.

The HSS 3235 is ideal to solder leaded components or connectors.  This applies specifically when short cycle times are required for large volume production.

Both, bare boards as well as carriers can be processed and, of course, the HSS 3235 may be integrated into a fully automated production line.

Depending on the size of PCB to be soldered, the HSS 3235 feeds one or more assemblies into the different machine areas: fluxer, preheating or soldering area.  In each case, all joints will be fluxed, preheated or soldered in parallel and at the same time which guarantees shortest cycle times.

Either a stamp fluxing system or a coordinate spray fluxer may be integrated into the HSS 3235.  Because of its modular construction the system can be equipped with up to four preheat stations.  In the soldering area the HSS 3235 uses the dip soldering process with high precision solder nozzle arrangements which of course are quickly exchangeable.

Your Advantages at a Glance:

  • simultaneous processes ensure shortest cycle times
  • flexible machine concept
  • modular preheat area with IR- or convection heating modules
  • quickly exchangeable product-specific multi nozzle tools in the fluxing and soldering area
  • innovative technology to avoid solder bridging
  • highest process reliability
  • processing of bare boards or carriers
  • ideally suited for high volume inline processes

Customized Solutions.

Not all tasks in electronics manufacturing can be covered by the processes reflow, selective or wave technology.  In special cases the product to be processed or the concept of the production line or cell requires specially adapted machine engineering.

Whenever the systems available on the market cannot fulfill a given task, it is worthwhile to consult SEHO for customised solutions. We design together with you the ideal concept for your production without loosing sight of your budget.

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