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SN100C-XF3+ Lead-free Solder Paste

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Cobar Solder Products Inc., a member of the Balver Zinn Group, is a recognized global supplier of solder paste, fluxes and related soldering materials for electronics assembly.

Little River, South Carolina, USA


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SN100C-XF3+ Lead-free Solder Paste

SN100C-XF3+ Lead-free Solder Paste


SN100C-XF3+ Lead-free Solder Paste


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Cobar Solder Products Inc.


SN100C-XF3+ Lead-free Solder Paste Description:

Cobar XF3 Solder Paste Completes SN100C Solder Materials System; Superior Reflow, Printing Performance over SAC Alloys.

XF3 is a lead-free solder paste, developed to accommodate extended reflow profiles without use of nitrogen.

XF3 completes the family of Cobar products based on Nihon Superior's patented SN100C-alloy. SN100C has demonstrated superior long-term fatigue strength over silver-containing SAC-alloys.

Completely free of silver, SN100C shines as the only true remedy against Cu-migration into the Sn regions of the solder joint. With XF3, wetting on all common metal surfaces is excellent, yielding bright shiny joints. It exhibits a robust printing window, printing at 150-200mm per second. SN100C-XF3 performs better in reducing voiding when compared to any SAC-alloy.

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