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TherMoiré® AXP - Thermal Warpage and Strain Measurement Tool

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Leading provider of full-field metrology solutions for substrates and packages in the OEM/CEM/SATS/PCB segments of the microelectronics industry.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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TherMoiré® AXP - Thermal Warpage and Strain Measurement Tool

TherMoiré® AXP - Thermal Warpage and Strain Measurement Tool


TherMoiré® AXP - Thermal Warpage and Strain Measurement Tool


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TherMoiré® AXP - Thermal Warpage and Strain Measurement Tool Description:

3D Deformation Measurement with Akrometrix TherMoiré and Digital Fringe Projection.

Akrometrix' patented TherMoiré systems are the industry leading tools for advanced characterization of temperature-dependent warpage. First introduced in 1998 for use as a laboratory tool, today's generation of TherMoiré product offerings serves as the platform for an enterprise-wide warpage management solution. Innovative developments in hardware, software and data management make the TherMoiré an essential value-added component for microelectronics manufacturing around the world.

Development / Diagnostics / Production Monitoring. Whether your customer is the individual consumer or an OEM, the TherMoiré excels at helping you achieve exceptional customer satisfaction. Better than ever, TherMoiré technology can simulate your thermal processing and operating environment conditions, while capturing a complete history of out-of-plane displacement behavior. Applying this critical information to form - or achieve compliance for - component/substrate behavior allowances (i.e. warpage specifications) can directly impact level I and level II assembly yields and enhance product reliability.

  • Dynamic Temperature Profiling - temperature ranges from -50°C to 300°C
  • Modular Metrology - Shadow Moiré, Digital Image Correlation, Digital Fringe Projection
  • Automated Analyses - Bow, Twist, Coplanarity, Signed Warpage, CTE, Surface Tilt, etc.
  • Data Management - Centralized database tools for production monitoring, trending and customer conformity/assurance requirements.

All of the above combine to provide users with a low cost per test, a clear ROI and a platform for long-term, value-added functionality across both development and production operations.

Digital Fringe Projection

The Digital Fringe Projection (DFP) technique compliments the shadow moiré technique by adding step height measurement capabilities at high data point density. This technique is particularly useful for measurement of connectors, sockets, assembled modules, and PCB local areas. No grating is needed for the DFP technique, which helps with issues like outgassing and temperature uniformity sometimes seen with the shadow moiré technique. DFP also has the advantage of not being limited by data density, unlike the shadow moiré technique.

DFP has the disadvantage of warpage resolution being dependant on field of view. For this technique a field of view of 64x48mm, generating a measurement resolution of 5 microns, was chosen for the DFP Module and CXP.

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